Canada’s UN support for Israel faces scrutiny: Is it long-standing and why does it matter?

Canada's long-standing support of Israel at the UN under scrutiny

“Dylan Robertson, The Canadian Press

Canada’s Stance on Israel Under Renewed Scrutiny at the UN

Canada’s long-standing support of Israel in votes at the United Nations has become a contentious issue following the latest Israel-Hamas war. From abstaining on a motion for a humanitarian truce in the Gaza Strip to voting down a motion about Israeli settlements in the West Bank, let’s delve into Ottawa’s approach to these crucial votes and what it could mean for Canada’s relationship with developing countries.

A Policy That Stands the Test of Time

Canada’s votes at the United Nations, particularly on issues related to Israel, have always attracted attention, with varying degrees of interpretations from different perspectives. Many Arab countries accuse Israeli officials of violating international law, while Israel defends itself against these claims. It’s intriguing to note that since the Liberal government’s time, Canada has been inclined to take pro-Israel positions, which were further reinforced under the Conservative prime minister Stephen Harper and have largely remained consistent under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Recent Votings at the UN

The recent Israel-Hamas war has sparked attention to several crucial votes by Canada’s mission to the UN. Abstaining on a motion calling for a “sustained humanitarian truce” in Gaza and voting down a motion about Israeli settlements are some of the contentious decisions. These voting decisions, despite their linearity with Canada’s long-standing policy on the Middle East, have ignited strong reactions and debates among experts.

Reaction to Canada’s Voting Decisions

Canada’s recent votes at the United Nations have sparked intense reactions and prompted strong opinions from various stakeholders. Former Canadian diplomats have also raised concerns about Canada’s stance, with some citing it as a detrimental shift in the country’s standing in the world and an alienation of key UN members.

Canada’s History With UNWRA

Canada’s relationship with the UN agency serving Palestinians has been complex, with past governments voicing concerns over its neutrality and aid diversion to Hamas. Despite this, Canada’s decision taken on a UNWRA motion comes as a stark contrast from the funding cut by the Harper government in 2010. The implications of this shift are substantial, with experts warning about the potential to put Canada at odds with developing countries and undercut its own stance on the Middle East.

The Compelling Conclusion

Ultimately, Canada’s votes at the UN have significant implications for its global standing and relationships with other countries, prompting a debate about the true cost of these decisions. The shift in policy and the potential consequences highlight the complexity of Canada’s role in global politics and the need for careful consideration of the ramifications of its UN votes.”



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