Breaking: RCMP react to shocking details of Iranian foreign interference in Canada

RCMP respond to revelations about Iranian foreign interference in Canada

“The RCMP’s Reaction to Global News Investigation on Iranian Regime Interference in Canada”

The Canadian police have publicly responded to a year-long investigation conducted by The New Reality team from Global News, which revealed how 700 association linked to the Iranian regime operated in Canada and threatened the lives of several Canadians. In a statement, the RCMP acknowledged receiving reports of foreign interference perpetrated by or under the direction of the Islamic Republic of Iran and emphasized that such activities are considered foreign actor interference.

Challenging the Status Quo

Mounties declined to provide specific responses to inquiries concerning individuals of Iranian descent in Canada, a query prompted by the investigation. However, they asserted that they have support systems to assist these individuals when they experience potential foreign interference or state-backed harassment and intimidation. Notably, the investigation depicted Hamed Esmaeilion’s harrowing experience, who lost his wife and nine-year-old daughter in the downing of Ukraine International Airlines PS752 by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corp (IRGC) in 2020. His quest for answers led to threats via social media and chilling phone calls. He was told that the police are too over-extended to provide protection for him. His statement about the lack of resources and the harrowing threats he experiences serves as a powerful testament to the real-life impact of the Iranian regime’s activities in Canada.

Furthermore, support for his claims comes from Iranian-American human rights activist Masih Alinejad, who faced an alleged attack on her life and potential kidnapping attempt last year in Canada. These stories reveal the deeply unsettling and dangerous situations that many activists and individuals of Iranian descent encounter daily. Despite their harrowing experiences, the RCMP insisted that they cannot discuss ongoing investigations.


The revelation of the Iranian regime’s activities in Canada has raised critical questions about the safety and protection of individuals of Iranian descent living in the country. The RCMP’s response offers some insight into the challenging landscape where these individuals are left to fend for themselves. Yet, the bigger issue that the investigation brings to light is the urgent need for collective and robust interventions to protect the people at the receiving end of these threats and coercive tactics. With lives hanging in the balance, highlighting these stories is an essential first step in drawing attention to the severity of the situation. While hindsight is always 20/20, it will be interesting to see what changes or reforms will arise from this new reality. Can the RCMP step up to provide tangible protection to these individuals, and will the Canadian government take a more proactive approach in addressing this foreign interference? These questions urgently demand answers, and the safety and security of all individuals living in Canada depend on them.



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