Biden and Xi meet to talk fentanyl, Taiwan, military communication and more



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US President Joe Biden says he has not changed his view that China’s president Xi Jinping is a dictator Biden’s comments came as she makes a rare visit to the United States for the Apec Summit the asia-pacific EO economic cooperation Summit Biden and she spoke yesterday for

The first time in about a year the world’s two most powerful nations are largely at odds especially over the future of Taiwan but they’re also pledging to tensions Biden and she have reportedly made progress on a number of issues during yesterday’s talks including the fenel crisis that affects

Both Nations Richard Madden is reporting from Washington once that meeting was over President Biden issued a statement describing that Summit as candid and constructive but not to say there wasn’t a bit of a spat towards the very end the Chinese foreign Ministries pushing back after you President Biden was asked if

He changed his view that China’s president Xi Jinping was adct dictator Biden said well yes in that sense that he runs a communist country so in response China’s foreign Ministry called it quote extremely wrong and irresponsible political manipulation so that kind of capped what had been a very carefully planned very carefully

Choreographed high stake Summit the two leaders spoke for about 4 hours and took a walk along the grounds in front of the cameras really their main goal was to diffuse Rising tensions between the world’s two largest economies and address major differences that are causing this Rift so in that sense there

Were some tangible progress including an agreement as you noted that both countries should start talking again uh they’ve restored military communication lines after China cut them off about a year ago in retaliation after former speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan uh so Biden called this agreement a fairly big step because remember there were

Some concerning incidents from aggressive Navy actions along the South China Sea and near Taiwan and when that so-called spy balloon floated over the US China didn’t take America’s calls so now they’ve agreed when one country picks up the phone the other will answer uh a few other notable agreements Here

China agreed to crack down on shipments of fentol ingredient ingredients to the Western Hemisphere that you noted uh and they’ve also established a working group to deal with the rise of artificial intelligence including both risks and benefits but on that sensitive issue of taian China still views it as its

Territory Biden reiterated that America supports a one China policy so bottom line here the two are talking U and Biden was asked if he trusts president she and takes him at his word and Biden basically summed it up saying trust but verify so his meeting with Biden was

Frontend Center Richard but she also met with American Business Leaders last night and it sounds like reassurance was on that dinner menu exactly I mean president Chi’s visit uh was more about diplomacy it was about courting investment to prop up China’s softening economy so he was the guest at up to a

$40,000 ahead dinner which included Titans of American industry uh apples uh Tim Cook and Elon Musk uh she was sending a message that China is open for business and welcomes American Enterprise uh and she also signaled pandas could soon return to the US which is a symbol of a friendly partnership at

Is Richard Madden in Washington this morning in Ottawa

U.S. President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping held their first face-face meeting in more than a year on Wednesday in San Francisco amid tensions in the U.S.-China relationship.

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