Appeal Urged: Canada Must Act Swiftly on Federal Court’s Plastics Ruling

Statement: Canada Must Quickly Appeal Federal Court’s Decision on Plastics


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“Breaking News: Canadian Court Strikes Plastic Manufactured Items from List of Toxic Substances”

Environmental Advocate Responds to Decision

In a surprising turn of events, the federal court has ruled to remove plastic manufactured items from the Canadian Environmental Protection Act’s list of toxic substances. This decision has sparked outrage among environmental advocates, including Ashley Wallis, Associate Director at Environmental Defence. Despite the setback, Wallis remains steadfast in her commitment to pursuing a future free from plastic pollution.

Challenging Big Plastic’s Influence

Wallis expressed her dismay at the court’s decision, highlighting the industry’s ties to fossil fuels and environmental injustice. The close connection between Big Plastic and mass consumption has led to a disregard for the catastrophic impacts of plastic on the environment. Despite this setback, Wallis is resolute in her belief that efforts to combat plastic pollution will not be derailed.

Call to Action

Environmental Defence is determined to continue the fight against plastic pollution, urging the federal government to stand firm in appealing the court decision. They emphasize the need for bans on harmful single-use plastics, citing decades of research that demonstrate the toxic nature of plastic products. This sentiment is echoed on a global scale, as UN member states gather in Nairobi to negotiate a global treaty on plastic pollution.

A United Front

The desire for coordinated action to address the plastic pollution crisis is not confined to Canada alone. Polling from Oceana Canada reveals overwhelming support for action on plastics, including the implementation of bans on harmful single-use plastics. Despite the setback in the courts, Wallis and Environmental Defence remain committed to supporting federal action on plastics, seeking legislative pathways to stem the toxic flow of plastics in Canada and around the world.


The decision to strike plastic manufactured items from the list of toxic substances has ignited a fire within the environmental advocacy community. Despite the setback, voices like Ashley Wallis and organizations like Environmental Defence are resolute in their determination to combat plastic pollution and protect the environment for future generations. As the global conversation on plastic pollution continues to gain momentum, there is hope for a future where the harmful impact of plastics is mitigated, and a clean, healthy environment is preserved for generations to come.”


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