APEC 2023: Canada could strengthen reputation with Pacific Rim nations via independence, experts say



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Well Canada’s agenda here at this Summit of Pacific Rim Nations is going to run into some headwinds and there’s two reasons for that first Canada’s ice cold relationship right now with India and Canada’s ongoing tense relationship with China both India and China are much more influential among Pacific Rim countries

Than Canada is and that means Justin Trudeau is going to have trouble finding a friend Trudeau’s best ally in San Francisco will be the host US President Joe Biden but say Canada might improve its standing among Pacific countries by showing a little more Independence we need to distance ourself from the United

States and we need to be a leader in issues that the United States are are leaving aside even still it may be hard for Canada to have an impact the bottom line is that Canada is not really a priority trading partner or a priority geopolitical partner um for most of the

Major players at at this conference nonetheless prime minister Justin Trudeau wants use this Summit to talk about ways Pacific Rim countries can help lower the price of food back in Canada people in the middle class are feeling real pressure at the checkout counter that will be a top priority as

Trudeau meets presidents Prime Ministers and private sector CEOs here as for Biden he wants to focus on sustainable economic development but leaders almost certainly will turn their attention as well to Wars in Ukraine and in the Middle East AP has its work cut out for it it cannot directly outcomes in

Ukraine or Gaza or anywhere else but if this very strong and dynamic group of countries can find ways to integrate and to grow and prosper then that leaves us all better off it’s going to be a quick trip for the Prime Minister just two nights here and then back to Ottawa on

Friday David aen Global News San Francisco

Canada’s agenda at the 2023 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit is going to run into some headwinds due to Canada’s ice-cold relationship with India and Canada’s ongoing tense relationship with China.

Both India and China are much more influential among Pacific Rim nations than Canada is and that means Prime Minister Justin Trudeau might face challenges in finding support.

However, some experts say Canada may improve its standing among Pacific countries by showing a little more independence.

Global’s David Akin reports.

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  1. We admire and appriciate anyone who stands up to Liberal party they are ignorant people who blame others for what they do , hypocrites who call others right wing because they are so far left we can even relate to them anymore its sad to see what that party has become ..

  2. Not until Trudeau goes. I am ashamed of Canada, Trudeau is insane! Why are we still looking at him! Resign go away and never return! Why did he not address the cost of living crisis years ago! Canada sucks!

  3. At First: "Canada must promote women's rights around the world." Then Later: "Never mind women – we have 50 other genders now!"
    At First: "Let me visit India, play dress-up and show Indians I can dance their dances on a stage!" Then Later: "We're expelling Indian diplomats!"
    Now: "Let's impress the Asia-Pacific with our independence"
    Sigh… Here we go again…

  4. Hmmm, we have a poor relationship with a country that interfered with our election, and a country that got caught meting out extrajudicial justice within Canada. They’re mad at us for saying it out loud, we were supposed to roll over and play dead because they’re big and strong and we’re small and weak and forgot our place by standing for our sovereignty. Now I understand why Harper ignored China.

  5. The best thing Trudeau can do for Canada at APEC is stay in Canada. We don't need a clown digging Canada into a deeper hole. I hope other countries are understanding that Canada can't do anything meaningful until the clown is removed from office.

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