Amazon’s dominance in e-commerce hurts Canadian small businesses: report



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Gary Kirk has been selling books for 25 years but he says the plot changed when Amazon entered the marketplace basically the relationship between a small business and Amazon is akin to the relationship between a surf and a feudal Lord you have no power in the relationship you

Just have to accept it high fees bu Seller Support and competition from Amazon’s own products are some of the reasons that small businesses are losing out according to the Canadian Federation of Independent Business these large online platforms act as Gatekeepers and because they have such a sort of

Dominant position in the online world that they can really leverage the size of their business and kind of take advantage of small businesses the competition Bureau of Canada has been investigating Amazon since 2020 for possible abuse of dominance but the results of the investigation are yet to

Be made public now in its report CIB calls for the federal government to use the ongoing competition act review to stand up for Canada’s small businesses against the dominance of online Giants when Germany France Italy Japan they have Book pricing laws that limit their predatory discounts in the US there’s an

Antitrust case proceeding against Amazon Canada stands alone as having done nothing customers too can make a difference consumers are looking to shop over the holiday season to maybe make an effort to support those local businesses shift the way you’re spending and really seek out those small businesses especially if you’re doing online

Shopping just make the extra effort I would be very happy if instead of getting orders from people a kilometer away from my store and having to Fork 30% of the sale over to Amazon if they actually came in and visited we’re Nice N Gangi Global News Toronto

The dominance of Amazon in the e-commerce space is hurting competition and small businesses in Canada, according to a new report by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business.

Gary Kirk, who has been in the book-selling business for 25 years, believes that Amazon’s entry into the marketplace has changed the game drastically.

“Basically, the relationship between a small business and Amazon is akin to the relationship between a serf and a feudal lord. You have no power in the relationship. You just have to accept it,” Kirk said.

Global’s Nivrita Ganguly explains.

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  1. in many cases the delivery charge would be cheaper by carrying the product and using Canada post instead of ordering off of amazon which is why small businesses like this one don't make much money. maybe the book store needs to get a better business model to try and stay in business as most book stores don't get business like they used to before the internet. .

  2. Why should I pay more just to save some local reseller?
    Bakery – yes, handcrafter – yes, restaurant – sure. The guy, who orders some Chinese mass market junk to sell it for a double price – no.

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