Al-Shifa: IDF claims weapons, tunnel found while Hamas denies hospital used to store arms



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Israel’s Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said on Thursday that the Israeli military uncovered significant material in its operation at Al-Shifa Hospital, and that its commandos were still searching through the area more than a day after they entered its grounds as part of an offensive to wipe out Hamas militants in the Palestinian enclave.

“The army forces found [an] underground shaft inside Al-Shifa Hospital. The engineering forces destroyed the infrastructure. Also we found in the hospital, [a] Hamas vehicle that was ready to be part of the Oct. 7 attack, but didn’t go on the road — and inside it, [a] huge amount of arms,” Israeli’s military spokesperson Daniel Hagari said.

Meanwhile, speaking from Beirut, Lebanon, Hamas representative Osama Hamdan denied that it operated out of medical facilities in Gaza, saying that “there is no centre or control room for Hamas in this hospital” and that “we avoid all hospitals all the time.”

Hamas political office member and media officer Ezzat Al Racheq said separately from Doha, Qatar, that there is “procrastination and idleness” from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on negotiations but that efforts haven’t “failed” and are ongoing.

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  1. But of course, Trudeau will continue to scold ISRAEL for its actions in all this. I guess the good news is that Israel (and the rest of the world) no longer cares what Trudeau says 😣

  2. Hamas? Us? Never. We don't know who was uploading bodycam footage of RPGs being fired off at troops from the hospital but it wasn't us!! Must have been those sick dying patients huh? Yeah this is all a grand Israeli scheme to shut down a hospital lol. These guys are so slimy it makes me gag.

  3. Proverbs 2:21-22 ERV
    Honest people will live in the land, and those who do right will remain there. [22] But the wicked will be forced to leave. Those who lie and cheat will be thrown out of the land.

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