Who is “food insecure” in Canada? New data shows “very high” need



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While Canadians were in the thick of the co 19 pandemic many say they were facing the added challenge of food insecurity new numbers from statistics Canada show nearly one in five Canadians report that they face some level of food insecurity in 2021 and early 2022 with about 5% of

Families worrying about running out of food and the same amount missing meals entirely analyst Sharon Jeep opal says it wasn’t just Canadians in poverty either it’s not just living below the poverty line that you are at risk but even if you’re above the poverty line you can still experience food insecurity

The study found while 11% of families had incomes below the poverty line eight in 10 families facing food insecurity were above that line but food insecurity researcher Valerie tarasuk says those numbers May signal a problem with the poverty line itself if such a high proportion of them are reporting you

Know significant food hardships then I think maybe there’s something that we need to talk about with the line regardless of income the numbers show single mother indigenous and racialized families were among the hardest hit what it should be is a wake up call for mothers 48% of those below that poverty

Line and 40% above struggled with food insecurity while nearly one in three indigenous families sitting above that rate and 21% of racialized families saw food issues food and security expert Eric Lee says conversations need to happen on how to help these families I think that would be some of the continue

Conversations about how to supporting these particular populations to make sure they can maintain the quality of life and maintain the nutritions and the food security for their families when Canadians face this kind of insecurity food banks are sometimes where they turn but many say they’re reaching their limit Joanna Windsor with food banks

Miss Saga says bigger action needs to be taken anything from being able to advocate for larger systemic change is what’s going to help pull people out of uh poverty and reduce food insecurity even as food inflation eases this year the cost of living could still leave many struggling as Canadians continue to

Face down how to afford that next meal Sean prevel Global News

With the cost of living rising, new data from Statistics Canada shows more Canadians are feeling “food insecurity” with the nearly seven million saying they’re worried about being able to pay for food and close to two million saying they’re having to miss meals or even go days without food.

According to the agency, there are also three groups that are some of the hardest hit: single mothers, Indigenous and racialized families and it is regardless of income, with those both above and below the poverty line facing insecurity.

As Sean Previl explains, food security experts say it raises questions about what it means to be in poverty and why governments need to take big action to change things.

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