‘We should immediately ban all terrorists and terrorist organisations in Canada’ | Pierre Poilievre



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Since October 7th incidents of hate are rising in Canada How concerned are you about the rising threat and what more can your government do to ease the tension well first of all I think we all need to be extremely concerned about the rise in tensions the rise in threats of

Violence the rise in actual acts of violence and the rise in hatred and I think one of the most important things for all of us to do is to remember who we are as Canadians when the Quebec City mosque shooting happened members of the Jewish Community stepped up in support of the

Local mosque here in Su in the Sue when uh there were terrible incidents of anti-Semitism in Canada and in the United States over the past years the Muslim Community showed up at the synagogue here in the Sue because Canadians stand up for each other we hear each other’s pain and

Grief and support each other and yes what’s happening in the Middle East right now is causing a lot of devastating emotions fear anger grief on all sorts of different communities but particularly both the Muslim and the Jewish communities across Canada and what we need to do as

Canadians is remember who we are as we lean on each other as we go out and visit our friends in the Jewish community and stand with our friends in the Muslim Community participate in calls for peace for significant humanitarian pause for getting hostages out getting Canadian citizens out of

Gaza flowing in humanitarian Aid and coming together as a community not because we’re all going to agree in every way on the next steps going forward but because we can all agree that we need to be there for each other and that we don’t wish ill on any

Of our neighbors in this country regardless of what’s happening around the world so I want to thank all the community leaders right across the country who’ve been working so hard to bring together Canadians who are scared who are angry to remember who they are to listen

To each other and to work together to build a better future and more peace here in Canada because that’s how we help create a lasting solution in the Middle East wow you know it’s amazing aming uh Tam Mar galini when we go out to cover these pramas

Demonstrations um they are so vile uh they get physical they get abusive even to some members of the mainstream media they’ll call them part of the Zionist News network uh they call on the death of je for Jews they call on the eradication of Israel funny thing is you

Know I went to Christy pittz on Sunday with Lincoln Jay to Chronicle a um a rally for the 242 hostages uh being held in Gaza um some of them are infants some are children some are seniors some are Holocaust Survivors if you can imagine they’re being held presumably in some

Tunnel in Gaza and um a couple of things are notable uh you’ll see yes there’s a lot of Israeli Flags there but you’ll see uh so many Canadian flags in the crowd as well um you R I think I’ve seen at one pramas demonstration one Canadian flag and what more you didn’t hear

People breaking out into chance to wipe Islamic Nations off the face of the Earth you didn’t hear chance about killing or gassing or harming Muslims no it was all positive um and that’s the difference I guess the point I’m getting to when it comes to blackface giving us

That big world word salad about coming together is that why is there when they finally do call out anti-Semitism or political leaders whether it’s mayor Chow of Toronto or blackface why do they also bring up you know it’s typically we condemn anti-Semitism oh and islamophobia where are the islamophobic

Acts right now I mean like are you kidding me why is there this moral equivalence going on right now um I think it’s just politics they’re looking at the numbers they don’t want to offend a significant voting base and that’s why they’re trying to play it both ways

Tamara yeah and I mean it’s still so soft he took what was that two and a half minutes two minutes roughly to say basically nothing um I was getting so bored just sitting here listening to him ramble on and on and on um to to for a

Word salad to not say anything at all um this there’s there needs to be some hard stances taken here and we need to consider how these individuals got into this country and what their motives are here and whether or not our immigration policies are really serving the vested

Best interest of Canada and Canadians as a country because this didn’t just come out of nowhere this has been you know an underground proliferation coming into the country for years and are we adequate L vetting the people who are coming into the country and do they actually want to become Canadian and if

They don’t want to fly the Canadian flag and they want to espouse this dangerous speech then what is happening here and what actions are being taken by the government to ensure that we have a process in place to build Canada as a country of people who are vested in

Actual Canadians ship if that’s not a word but um you you get my point it’s that you know we can’t have these this segregationist country being built upon and that’s what you’re seeing happening now and you know I I’m getting uh a little tired of this uh you know

Blackface at himself he he’s calling for a significant humanitarian pause in Gaza um I I don’t think there’s been any army in the history of the world that goes out of their way not to harm civilians as the IDF uh they give advanced notice via social media and leaflet dropping

We’re coming into this area if you’re a civilian get out of town um this hospital that keeps coming up where there’s they’re running out of food and fuel and drinking water um the problem with having a significant humanitarian pause is that that would allow uh presumably Hamas terrorists who are

Underneath the hospital to get out and this is what Israel is doing they are cutting off Hamas to the last terrorist period you know Benjamin Netanyahu said uh a couple of days ago uh if the US on September 11th 2001 experienced 2 911s and he said 2

911s because if you look at the amount of population uh Tamara in Israel and the number of death victims um would would the us listen to any call from Any Nation for a significant humanitarian pause and going after The Butchers that caused all that Carnage absolutely not

So this is you know the situation we’re in and why isn’t it this if you want a significant humanitarian pause maybe even the end of this war there is one thing to be done isn’t there release those 242 hostages why does just not come up whether it’s our heads of state or the

Demonstrators uh chanting uh from The River To The Sea we see every weekend yeah and meanwhile the conservative uh the leader of the opposition Pier PV he has been taking a hard stance on some of these things and largely um with a a focus I think on what’s Happening Here

In Canada at home we have a video here to share with you um that he calls on anyone who participates in these horrific attacks to be jailed but I mean thanks to Justin Trudeau’s liberal Catch and Release policies I don’t see that happening in the near future conservatives call for

Canadians to remain United and to avoid importing the violence we see around the world into our country you can have any opinion you want about what’s happening in the Middle East that’s your business but you do not have the right to to attack your fellow Canadians that is not uh acceptable and

Conservatives call for anyone who’s been involved in these terrorist attacks to be immediately arrested and jailed all levels of government should work to protect Canadians against this terrorism anti-Semitism is an age old evil we must speak out against it every day and every way and our governments must take

Tangible action to protect against that evil I should also add that we should immediately ban terrorist or all terrorist organizations in Canada I believe that some of this terrorism has been incited by the irgc which is the Iranian government’s terrorist arm conservatives have been calling for

The rgc to be banned for years Trudeau continues to allow them to live in peace and comfort and while they incite and instigate terrorism on our soil ban these terrorists and send the tyrants from Tran that are living this country back where they came from we should have

No time no patience and no room for irgc terrorists here in Canada wow that is such refreshing honesty uh Tamara I think that goes a long way in explaining why the latest poll that came out yesterday shows the conservatives headed for more than uh 200 seats in the next election uh

Whereas the Liberals less than 70 um he’s calling it out I mean of course the irgc uh should be uh designated as a terrorist group as it is in Many Nations because Iran at the end of the day and by the way someone who’s um really deserves a lot of blame for this

Indirectly or maybe even directly is the Joe Biden Administration uh when Trump was in office we had a boot on Iran’s neck they were I think producing or selling less than 200,000 barrels of oil a day now it’s more than 4 million and right now the Iranian regime the sanctions haven’t

Been lifted but they’re just not in forc which means they don’t exist right now this regime is flush with billions of dollars and it’s going to Hamas it’s going to Hezbollah remember Iran is very clear they say this publicly this is their their regime uh Israel is the lit

Little Satan uh the US is the big Satan uh I guess everyone in between in the west we’re all I guess mediumsized satans um and that is why you see um the funding for thousands and thousands of rockets that are being uh leveled at Israel that’s a clip from the rebel News

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| On the livestream, Tamara Ugolini and David Menzies discuss Justin Trudeau and Pierre Poilievre’s responses regarding Hamas and antisemitism.

‘Conservatives call for Canadians to remain united and to avoid importing the violence we see around the world into our country,’ said Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre. ‘All levels of government should work to protect Canadians against this terrorism. Antisemitism is an age old evil. We must speak out against it every day and every way and our governments must take tangible action to protect against that evil.’

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said, ‘We need to be there for each other and that we don’t wish ill on any of our neighbours in this country, regardless of what’s happening around the world.’

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