War won’t end until there is a two-state solution: Biden | Israel-Hamas war



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Here’s the situation you have a circumstance where the first war crime is being committed by Hamas by having their headquarters their military hidden under a hospital and that’s a fact that’s what’s happened Israel did not go in with large number of troops did not raid did not rush

Everything down they’ve gone in and they’ve gone in with their soldiers carrying weapons or guns they were uh told uh told let me be precise we’ve discussed the need for them to be incredibly careful you have a circumstance where you know there is a fair number of Hamas terrorist namas has already said

Publicly that they plan on attacking Israel again like they did before do everything cutting babies heads off to burning burning women and children alive and so the idea that they’re going to just stop and not do anything is not realistic this is not the carpet bombing this is a different thing they’re going

Through these tunnels they’re going in the hospital and if you notice I I was mildly preoccupied today I apologize I didn’t see everything but what I did see whether I haven’t had it confirmed yet I am as my team the answer the question but what happened is they’re also

Bringing in incubators they’re bringing in other other means to help the people in the hospital and they’ve given the doctors and I’m told the doctors and nurses and Personnel an opportunity to get out of Harm’s Way so this is a different story than I believe what was occurring before indiscriminate

Bombing uh what do you got Washington Post I think that’s right Mr well there you are sorry I couldn’t see in the white uh is’s war in Gaza more than 11,000 just a month and cre you’re breaking up I didn’t Israel’s war in Gaza has killed more than 11,000 Palestinians just over

A month and created a humanitarian disaster Israeli officials have said this war months or even years Have you communicated to prime minister Netanyahu any sort of deadline or time frame for how long you are willing to support Israel in this operation are you comfortable with the operation going on

Indefinitely and is there any deal underway to free hos thank you yes no working backwards forward look I have uh been deeply involved in moving on the uh hostage negotiation um and uh I don’t want to get ahead of myself here because I don’t know what’s happened in the last four

Hours but there I have uh we’ve gotten great uh cooperation from cutteries uh I’ve spoken with them as well a number of times I think the pause and that Israel that Israelis have agreed to it’s down to I’m getting too much detail I know Mr secretary I’m going to

Stop the uh but I am I am mildly hopeful I’m mildly hopeful um with regard to uh when is this going to stop I think it’s going to stop when the uh when Hamas no longer maintains the capacity to murder and abuse and and uh and just do

Horrific things to the Israelis and they’re in and they still think that at least as of this morning they still thought they could I uh I I guess the best way for me to say it is that uh I take a look uh the IDF the Israeli Defense Forces acknowledges they have an

Obligation to use uh as much caution as they can in going after their targets it’s not like they’re rushing in the hospital knocking down doors and you know pulling people aside and shooting people indiscriminately um but uh Hamas as I said said they plan on attacking Israelis again and uh this

Is a terrible dilemma uh so what do you do I think that uh Israel is also taking risks themselves about their folks being killed and one to one going through these hospital rooms Hospital halls but one thing has been established is that Hamas does does have headquarters weapons material below this hospital and

I suspect others but how long it’s going to last I don’t know look I made it clear to the Israelis that um to BB and his War cabinet that I think the only ultimate answer here is a two-state solution that’s real we got to get to the point where there is the

Ility to be able to even talk without worrying about whether or not we’re just dealing with the they’re dealing with Hamas that’s going to engage in the same activities they did over the past on the seventh so it it’s but I can’t tell I’m not a fortunate teller I can’t tell you

How long it’s going to last but I can tell you I don’t think It ultimately ends until there’s a two-state solution I made it clear to the Israelis I think it’s a big mistake for them to think they’re going to occupy Gaza and maintain Gaza go I don’t think that

Works and so we’re going to I think you’re going to see efforts to uh bring along well I shouldn’t go in anymore because that’s been things I’ve been negotiating with Arab countries and others about what the next steps are but uh anyway thank you all very much

Appreciate for thank you this ends the press Conference what when hamama Hamas said they plan on doing the same thing again what they did what they did on the seventh they’re going to go in they want to slaughter Israelis they want to do it again they’ve said it out loud they’re not kidding about it they’re not ping off

And so I just ask a rhetorical question I wonder what we would do if that were the case on theages though you said we coming what do you mean to the American hostages when you said coming what I meant was I’m doing everything in my

Power to get you out coming to help you to get you out I don’t mean sending military in to get them is is that what you thought I might mean no no no I was not talking about a military I was talking about we you’re on our mind

Every single day five six times a day I’m working on how I can be helpful in getting the hostage is released and have a period of time where there’s a pause long enough to let that happen happen and there are somewhere between 50 and 100 hostages there uh we think sir was a

Three-year-old American child You’re darn right it is that’s why I’m not going to stop till we get her

U.S. President Biden says ‘Hamas does have headquarters, weapons’ below at least one hospital.

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  1. Well joe we been told tunnels and command center is under the hospital well Israeli troops are there where are they ??? They been showing diagrams of them for weeks now and nothing?

  2. Yesterday's solution for yesterday's leader. Israel and Palestine need to learn how to live in peace – not in two states that can hate and war on each other. End apartheid. One person, one vote. Have their fight with words and votes.

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