Vaccine confidence wanes as public trust in health authorities dwindles



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And I was never talking about uh people who are hesitant towards uh towards a vaccine but you know trying to be reasonable about it and trying to stay safe my point was that there are um people who are deliberately trying to stir up hate and intolerance and

Misinformation and we do need to call out those folks public trust in big pharmac Centric Public Health vaccine programs is dropping in North America it’s a trend that highlights how coid 19 related Public Health measures eroded the general Public’s confidence in public health how they damaged their own credibility and fostered skepticism

Which has served only to empower people to take control of their health and break free from the customer generating chains of the pharmaceutical industry Tamar ugolini here with Rebel news and recently the United States’s Center for Disease Control and prevention also simply known as the CDC released a report last week that showed

Vaccine exemption rates for childhood vaccinations is increasing the data highlights National coverage for select vaccines and exemptions from school vaccine requirements in kindergarteners for the 2022 2023 school year it was discovered that National coverage with state required vaccines among kindergarteners declined from 95% to approximately 93% and that the exemption

Rate increased 0.4 percentage points to 3% likewise exemptions increased in 41 States exceeding 5% in 10 states the CDC claims that this implicates the public health practice of mass vaccinating children against vaccine preventable diseases like polio diptheria measles mumps and pressus otherwise known as whooping cough they state that

Exemptions greater than that 5% limit the level of achievable vaccination cover coverage which increases the risk for outbreaks of vaccine preventable diseases this represents a year over-year drop of 1 percentage point in vaccine coverage since 2020 and 2021 the coid pandemic era proving the public trust in vaccination programs is

Dwindling as the health necromancers have overplayed their hand by forcing the masses to comply with unscientific and unfounded facial decorations causing massive and grotesque harm through suppressive societal and economic lockdowns all using horrific mandates to justify the above mentioned actions the CDC claims that National mRNA coverage among kindergarten students remained

Below the healthy people 2030 Target of 95% for the third consecutive year they state that to achieve that Target of 95% MMR coverage exemptions cannot exceed 5% now I wasn’t able to find any scientific basis for that arbitrary percentage but based on the US Department of Health and Human Services office of disease

Prevention and health promotion website I was able to find information on how to maintain this coverage which included the summary evidence that requiring children to have this vaccine for school entry increases vaccination uptake on that page there is also an evidence-based resources section which is mostly about what is most effective

To nudge people into compliance with vaccination and has nothing to do with where that 95% Point comes from other than the fact that it’s guidance issued by the World Health Organization The Who recommends 95% coverage to prevent measles outbreaks but again their link doesn’t include any scientific evidence

To back up that number they do mention immunization agenda 2030 three different times though while emphasizing that vacc V ination uptake is also at an all-time low globally so what about Canada the most recent survey was from 2021 called the childhood National immunization coverage survey or cnics it’s structured differently but

The demographics for seven-year-olds that’s the demographic most closely related to the cdc’s kindergarten exemption group has also seen a drop in vaccine uptake you can see from infographic number two on immunization cover coverage by antigen for children aged 7 years that uptake for that demographic has not reached the 95%

Threshold set out by the public health agency of Canada which is denoted by that solid black line the blue line was update rates in 2019 versus the orange line which is uptake rates for 2021 and almost all pathogens except rebella and vericella which is chickenpox have

Declined daap the 4 in1 which is deia tetnus and pesus again that’s whooping cough vaccine coverage dropped from 78.1% in 2019 to 71.9% in 2021 the trend seems to continue across various jurisdictions for instance in Southeastern Ontario the halberton kortha Pine Ridge District Health Unit said that roughly

6,300 of the health unit Region’s 20,000 students scheduled for immunization still have incomplete records that represents 31.5% of students likewise in Southwestern Ontario the middlex London Health Unit said in January of this year that in the 20189 school year 98% of grade 2 students were vaccinated against measles

This year 51% were immunized that is a massive drop and that could be why the government of Canada put out two different video campaigns on childhood vaccines like this one urging parents to trust the facts it’s a bit chilly H where’s the baby’s hat here’s how I stop

Meltdowns in three easy steps listen just sleep when the baby sleeps everyone’s got opinions when it comes to Childhood vaccines rely on the facts childhood vaccines have been around for decades and are safe and proven to help protect children against 14 preventable diseases learn more at childhood

Vaccines a message from the government of Canada it’s all a prime example of how Public Health has tarnished its own reputation throughout the coid hysteria whether it was forced isolation and quarantine of the healthy through suppressive lockdowns the harm imposed on children by school closures and Community isolation the messaging that

They were super spreaders who would kill their grandparents if they hugged or Dare bear their naked faces in public the backtrack tring on statements about masking and then of course the forced indiscriminate masking of everyone the changing narrative around vaccine Effectiveness from 100% effective to it doesn’t stop the spread or infection

Followed by the unrelenting push for vaccination and novel Pharmaceuticals that disregarded individual Choice individual medical history body autonomy and what Canadians thought were protected chartered rights to the above and of course the concerted effort to suppress stifle and censor early treatment options which paved the way for increased public awareness of the

Compromised state of medical research and Legacy journals by big Pharma interests Health authorities and their regulatory colleges played a key role in delegating all of the above out to doctors who disseminated and took a one-size fits-all approach onto their patients anyone who didn’t was stripped of their license to practice medicine

Was smeared and slandered into complying for fear of their reputations and all its done is served to damage the public health brand for following the political science instead of the evidence-based science the proof is in the pudding people are questioning the Pharma industrial complex and are seeking out

Ways to become Health empowered so they can access cures instead of becoming Pharma customers for Rebel news I’m tamary ugolini the safety and efficacy of these novel biological products are continually called into question if you would like to see federal health Minister Mark Holland revoke Market authorization for the novel co9 vaccines

Then please visit our website at Noor journalism on this topic all of that more can be found at no more

As Rebel News’ Tamara Ugolini explains, public trust in vaccine programs is declining, a direct reflection of the erosion of confidence caused by COVID-19-related public health measures. The loss of credibility is empowering people to take control of their health, breaking free from the pharmaceutical industry’s customer-generating chains.

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  1. I absolutely 100% distrust anything the liberal and ndp government have to say about everything not just health canada, the federal liberals are pathological liars and have canada in a dive to self destruction

  2. I was forced to vax with the poison. I guess I could have refused, if I didn't mind the tiny inconvenience of COMPLETE LOSS OF MY LIVELIHOOD. I hate Trudeau, all liberal politicians , the who, big pharm and especially those many Cdns, the majority, who opposed the freedom convoy and went along with the gov covid response. BRAINWASHED SHEEPLE. Yes I AM still mad about it. TAKE OFF THOSE STUPID MASKS RIGHT NOW< cowards.

  3. I have had little trust in "medical science" for much of my life. I believe that the C***d response was based only on Political Science. Look at the "superspreader event" of the Truckers' Convoy, which caused no adverse effects of public health, except for the lawfare aimed at Tamara Lich and Chris Barber and others.

  4. Don't let them call it a vaccine. It's a weaponized gene therapy. According to documents released under the US Freedom of Information Act the US Dept of Defense calls it a "military countermeasure" under US Code 21USC360BBB. This conveniently allows the manufacturers and complicit regulatory agencies to ignore good manufacturing practices and safety standards. Why?


  6. j.trudeau And The Rest Of These INCOMPETENT CORRUPT LIEING liberal CRIMINALS THEY Need To Be Held Accountable For ALL Of Their Many Crimes Including Crimes Against Humanity And Treason !!!!!!! Personal Law Suits Against THESE INCOMPETENT CORRUPT CRIMINALS SHOULD NOW BEGIN !!!!!!!

  7. At the start of the pandemic there were erratic reports on the threshold for herd immunity. The estimates started at 55% and varied widely so if ~60% immunized reaches this goal where did the 95% figure arise?…somewhere in big phf@rma's marketing division I would wager.

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