U.K. Supreme Court rejects Rishi Sunak’s plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda



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There’s breaking news out of the UK this morning the Supreme Court in Britain has rejected prime minister Rishi sunak plan to deport Asylum Seekers to Rwanda the court calling the plan unlawful Abby kadas now outside the courthouse with those breaking details Abby good morning Heather a central

Pillar of rishu cak Premiership has been knocked down by the Supreme Court the five Supreme Court Justices ruling that the Rwanda scheme is unlawful now the UK policy looked to deport Asylum Seekers to Rwanda where from there they could apply for Refugee status wait for their claims to be processed and if rejected

They would be sent back to their country of origin now the court saying that Rwanda is not a safe place for refugees the UK government had previously said that this policy would help deter people from making that dangerous Crossing across the English Channel but human rights groups have repeatedly said said

That this is a cruel policy and that the UK was looking to sidestep its International obligations including that obligation to the UN with the UN Convention as well but again this has been a central pillar of the Rishi sunak government he has now said that this was

Not the outcome that they had wanted but they had been preparing for all eventualities we should hear more details from him when he gives a news conference later today but again a massive part of his Mandate of the policy that he has been pushing and this has been something that the Tory

Government not just this one but the last three I should say under Johnson under truss and under him have been saying as Central uh to their government 18 months in the making it’s gone through three prime ministers for four home secretaries um but again the Supreme Court ruling that this R uh this

Randa policy is unlawful Heather thank you Abby Abby koua and with the breaking news in London this morning

The U.K. Supreme Court on Wednesday rejected a controversial government plan to send migrants to Rwanda and upheld a lower court ruling that it was unlawful, in a major setback for British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

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