Two teen brothers arrested in connection to fatal Calgary shooting



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We begin with breaking news tonight Calgary police have arrested two teenage brothers one of them just 14 years old in connection to a deadly and Brazen shooting in the Northeast a man was killed outside a busy strip mall yesterday two others were injured it comes on the heels of a string of

Shootings in our city and growing concern about organized crime Terry fikowski reports Calgary’s 18th homicide victim of the Year gunned down in broad daylight outside Marble Park another man and woman were were also shot but not believed to be the intended targets organized crimer related homicides are historically some of the most difficult

Cases to solve and because of the quick actions of the citizens and our officers charges are now pending the suspects fled in a black truck followed by hawks police helicopter to shanuk Center where it was ditched for a waiting vehicle before traveling to the community of Dover three people were caught on a

Neighbor’s camera running through a back alley at the time one stops and appears to place something under his trunk less than a minute later police arrive that’s what I consider them gangsters the neighborhoods become unsafe police arrested two brothers one 14 years old the other 18 they remained on scene

Tuesday executing search warrants on two homes which neighbors say have been problematic in the past so it’s just terrifying for the neighborhood we have a lot of seniors and young kids here the shooting is the fifth in Calgary in less than a week the violence are seeing is

Always highly uh motivated by drug trade or illicit forms of organized crime and how that how they make their money um and it’s extremely concerning that we’re seeing uh youth involved in this criminal justice experts believe the recent shootings may be connected to BC gangs they’ll steal a vehicle commit the

Shooting and then you’ll find the vehicle some distance away U that’s been burned that is the fingerprint of the Lower Mainland U gang activity criminal organization Calgary received $8 million in federal funding in July to prevent gun violence and politicians say more changes are needed all the guns that are

Um legally bought um or illegally uh we need to get those handguns and Firearms uh off the streets neighbors say they just want to feel safe at home I hope that that’s the end of it and we can get back to living safely and not scared we

Hear a lot can is in over tonight okay Terry the brothers have been arrested but what about charges well Tera police did take a number of people into custody last night at the home behind me and another down the block but they say charges are pending against the pair of brothers the

14-year-old cannot be identified because in Canada they can’t be identified under the age of 18 as for the 18-year-old Calgary police aren’t naming him either because the relationship with his brother could identify the youth and terara the victim has also not been identified in this case Calgary police

Say that they are awaiting the results of an autopsy that’s scheduled for tomorrow all right Terry fikowski reporting Terry thank you

Calgary police have arrested two teenage brothers in connection with a deadly and brazen shooting in the northeast.

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  1. Legal gun ownership is not the problem. I dont understand the correlation. Criminals will always have access to guns regardless what the rules and laws are because they dont care about the rules and laws. Legal gun ownership is completely separate from illegal gun ownership and does not contribute to the violence. What dont they understand. Its disgusting for them to use these situations to try and take guns away from law-abiding citizens.

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