True North reporter says she’s observed ‘real Jew hatred on social media’ within the school system



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We are a group of high school students in Ontario that are appalled and disgusted by the Ontario district school board silencing of pro Palestinian voices our mission is to ensure that Palestinian children and teens feel safe expressing their identity at school and in public spaces as Palestinians who

Grew up in the Canadian school system we have been denied our identities and Heritage by many teachers and staff members many teachers growing up have always pressured us into questioning our identities and made us feel guilty for being who we are we have been treated as

Second class to Israelis we are sick and tired of telling the world that we exist and constantly having to prove our existence to people we want teachers and School staff and the school board to be held accountable for anti- Palestinian rhetoric and we want them to face consequences if they attack or harass

Children into feeling inadequate for being born Palestinian we have a list of Demands if our demands fail to be met then it will be clear to all of us that our education system targets indigenous populations and does not actually believe that indigenous people deserve rights put your words into action if you

Truly stand for indigenous people we demand a section in our curriculum that focuses on teaching the history of colonization and ethnic cleansing of Palestine we also want students to understand Canada’s role and complicity of land theft in Palestine we demand that Palestine is acknowledged and studied extensively during the lessons

On World War I and 2 during history classes we demand that Palestinian students be treated equally and given a safe space in school to grieve for their families and communities that have been subject to senseless death by isra Palestinian and non-palestinian students alike have been crying every night

Because of how helpless they feel towards the plight of Palestinians and Gaza we demand that the Ontario district school board acknowledge that Palestinians are being ethnically cleansed we deserve to be treated with dignity and respect we deserve to be who we are without fearing unjust consequences on our education and future

Endeavors we are calling all pro Palestinian voices to shake the ground on November 13th to shake the ground you know it’s a little bizarre to have someone masked like that uh in the dark making a list of Demands the one thing that stood out to me the most was that

The enemy she talked about was Israelis which imp she implied that there are hordes of Israelis in school in Ontario and they’re the favorite ones you know I got to tell you I would be surprised if there were 10 Israelis in the Toronto District School Board maybe

There’s a few more but I I don’t think that there are many Israeli going to school in Toronto I mean maybe there are a few I think it’s pretty obvious that she meant to say those damn Jews but that sounds a little bit racist I actually don’t believe that our schools

Are anti- Palestinian in fact I think most uh teachers are so woke they’re Pro Palestinian I I don’t even believe that the new Holocaust Education programs will have any effect they’ll show Schindler’s List for an hour and anti-semites like this young girl will watch it and probably take notes on how

Hitler did it uh just the other day we saw a a principal of a school in Bramton um engage in in insane and obscene anti-semitic social media posts so much that the education Minister had to weigh in on the subject I simply don’t believe her allegations but I I think the main

Story here is that you have Palestinian youth or she claims to be Palestinian for all we know she’s not mimicking the style of terrorists normalizing the style of terrorists a massface threatening demands joining us to talk about this is our friend suan Levy who writes for True

North suan great to see you again great to see you Ezra you know I I just I just can’t get over the fact that she’s just sick of all those Israelis in Ontario there are some Israelis in Ontario but that’s obviously not what she’s talking

About no it was uh you know she dressed her anti-Semitism in the guise of Israelis and that’s been the big one of the big issues throughout this the five weeks since October 7th is that uh Jew haters will say oh I only hate zionists or I only hate Israel or the government

Of Israel Israel is a Jewish State uh zionists are largely or Jews are largely zionists so they’re really talking about Jews you know that Ezra and I know that you know um I I want to say if there was discrimination against Arab or Muslim kids in schools if teachers were bigot

Against them if they were de demeaning them or defaming them I would be against that of course I mean that would be absurd and obscene I have seen no evidence of that whatsoever not even on social media not even allegations of that what I have seen are just today a

Synagogue in uh I think it was in Barry was vandalized and neither the police nor the media identified it as a synagogue they talked about a place of worship they wouldn’t even say it was a synagogue you had to find out for yourself we know that a Jewish school in

Montreal was shot with a gun twice in a week we know that a um synagogue in Montreal had a Molotov cocktail thrown at it so I I can see without my own eyes I can see the hate marches in our streets I can see the vandalism I I can

See the don’t buy from Jews boycotts against Jewish owned or Jewish themed businesses I see all that and for her to have a terrorist style demand video I think it’s an attempt to try and take some moral sympathy away from the Jews by pretending that she has been through

This same suffering but I think the number one takeaway for me is they’re practicing that jihadist style they’re affecting the style they’re they’re following their role models and and you know there may be a thousand or 10,000 who go through the emotions but maybe one out of every 10,000 will actually

Act on it by Smashing something vandalizing something shooting something I think they’re psychologically training a whole generation of people to actually move from uh extreme words to issuing demands to what comes next well I think we’re just this close to violence in Toronto and Montreal for

Example and it it scares me because the anger on the streets of Toronto and of Montreal but particular Toronto because I’m here in Toronto um has just been unbelievable horrific and you know the banging on the Windows of Jewish owned businesses and the intimidation of people at AR Roma Cafe for example the

Israeli owned Aroma Cafe and I think my my concern is because the politician because our police force they’re trying to handle it but they’re not really handling it that well and our politicians aren’t saying enough is enough uh that these people will be emboldened and it’ll just ramp continue

To ramp up that is my concern and this young lady uh has nothing to complain about absolutely nothing to complain about the school system cdsb and other boards are so woke that all I’ve been seeing is real Jew hatred on social media from various and Sundry people within the school system teachers

Administrators what is she complaining about I think she’s just trying to jump on this bandwagon of you know poor me the victimization and I also say to you that when I watched her making her demands it reminded me of black lives matter during the PRI parade sitting at

The corner of young and Dundas or young in college making their List of Demands what is it with these people who feel they’re oppressed making all these demands the weird thing was she was talking about indigenous rights but she’s she’s not from Canada I mean it’s it’s sort of bizarre that she’s here

Talking about uh decolonization when uh either her or her parents immigrated here I find that very weird of course Jews have been in the Holy Land since they were uh expelled from Egypt thousands of years ago well she’s trying to say that Israel is a colonial state this is their their favorite buzzword

It’s occation colonialization appropriating the language of the Jews you’re committing a holocaust you’re committing a genocide you’re the war criminals your the haers you have colonized and and you know I’ve seen more swastikas in the last month than I have maybe in my entire year combined my

Entire life uh combined and it’s trying to demonize and denormalize the Jews as Nazis the the the target of the Nazis the victims of the Nazis are being naied by the pro hamash types I find it incredible but I think it’s sort of I think they’re testing the limits

Suan it’s like go ahead yeah oh I was just gonna say that the politicians uh are so weak that there are no consequences and yes they are testing the limits you know that I know that and nobody’s pushing back on them I went to a Jewish rally uh pro-israel

Rally on Sunday it was so quiet it was so peaceful no calls to uh boycott uh phaf I mean a scharman uh no calls to uh you know go after Palestinian businesses or gas the Palestinians I mean their language is so inflammatory uh it’s Unreal

| True North’s Investigative Reporter, Sue-Ann Levy, joined The Ezra Levant show to discuss the increasing anti-Israel activism happening within the school system.
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