TRUDEAU SURROUNDED | Vancouver police asked if PM’s safety compromised



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Uh was the Prime Minister safety at risk at any point so as you can imagine um a large group of protesters had gathered surrounding a restaurant the Prime Minister was inside the actions of the protesters the numbers of them the actions of them doing things like blocking the lane behind the restaurant

Caused a concern for us um and we took steps uh keeping in mind we need to balance the Public’s right to peacefully assemble and peacefully protest by also maintaining order and upholding the rule of law so our response was intended to balance those rights uh to ensure that

Everybody was safe that people inside the restaurant were safe and that the protesters were safe balancing their right to protest while also protecting everybody’s safety in the the large police response 100 officers again did that call from did that call come from the prime minister’s security detail or

Was that we I can tell you that when we became aware that there was a large protest was we were not given advanced warning it was a popup protest or a spontaneous protest um in our in our understanding um when we became aware that that large group had gaed we

Immediately redeployed officers from throughout the city pulling them from other neighborhoods and other areas of the city so that we could profitably properly uh respond and and and resource what was happening down there

Officials were asked if the safety of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s safety was compromised by a group of protesters in Vancouver.

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  1. This is what Far Right misinformation produces.
    And what Poilivere constantly pushes.

    They hate because… They say they just do they don't need a reason.. ie They've been trained to. They've been brainwashed to. I say this because they can't explain it.

  2. So Twinkle Toes hops in his jet and flys to Chinatown in Vancouver for supper and is surprised when the peasants protest? We have never had a politician who has been so clueless before this turnip took office.

  3. Trudeau going for dinner in that area was really stupid!! That is the poorest area in all of Canada, with huge issues with homelessness and addiction. What was he thinking? Did Trudeau want this protest? Have to wonder…

  4. The guy can't win anymore. He's such a suckup….that he's created enemies all around now. The guy NEVER had any integrity, to begin with. Everyone knows he's never trustworthy.

  5. A house devided will fall ,,, his own house fell ,, the country is falling and so is the rest of the world,,, I don't agree with the profanity on the signs though ,,,,,,,, what are we teaching our children.

  6. What is it costing Canadians for his security. Everywhere he goes its a nightmare for local law enforcement. Lets not forget municipal tax payers in the city he visits. He needs to go immediately

  7. A lot of Canadian don't like our Prime Minister, but have some common decency and the police should protect him above everyone else if chaos ensues within the vicinity. If we can't protect the most important person within our border, then we are lost as a society.

  8. Justin can stop pretending to be a martyr because he'll never be one. Credit to our liberal (which isn't American Progressivism) society, not to him, of course.

    Besides, what exactly is he fighting for anyway?

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