Trudeau accosted by pro-Hamas protester



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Why are you supporting Israel don’t push me don’t push me I’m standing why are you supporting Israel hey relax I’m I’m talking to our prime minister don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t breach my rights why do you say Hamas is a terrorist organization Hamas is not a terrorist organization no they’re Palestinian

Resistance what about Ukrainian resistance you’re just you’re just bowing to the Israelis why they can’t fight back they can’t fight back shame on you tudo shame on you he stood with the Israelis with the war criminals the ones that are breaching international law killing babies well to the blow heart off camera

Screaming hysterically here’s why Hamas is a terrorist organization you might recall October 7th uh just about 5 weeks ago uh um more than 1,400 Israelis innocent Israeli civilians massacred uh more than 4,200 injured um 242 I believe is the most recent count uh kidnapped and being held hostage presumably in a

Tunnel in Gaza somewhere including what is now a 10-month-old baby uh was kidnapped when he was 9 months old uh you know what I think that meets The Benchmark of terrorism what do you say Tara well it’s a designated terrorist group according to the government of

Canada so that’s why he’s calling it a terrorist group um it just it doesn’t make any sense to me that someone would be out there hurling these remarks at the Prime Minister when this information is so widely publicly available that maybe we could try to think up a

Question that’s a little bit more intelligent intelligent and intelligible it just it seems like nonsense clickbait to me yeah I wonder who the organization was there and you know this speaks for another thing toar that you know as these pramas demonstrators uh get away with um vandalism with death threats with calling for

Genocide uh with smearing paint and graffiti uh on a business which uh oh the only crime is it happens to be owned by a Jew so therefore uh we’re going to go all 1938 Berlin on that guy or gal um as law enforcement turns a blind eye and

As our political leaders uh turn a blind eye and I’m almost certain that the politicians behind the scenes are telling the cops not to make arrest they’re getting further emboldened and you’re going to see an increase in physical assaults and it wouldn’t surprise me and I hope I’m wrong uh that

You’ll see somebody murdered uh given the Hyster area and the embolden and the fact that these people uh think they can get away with almost murder uh so why not go to that extra hurdle uh this is Despicable uh what what we are seeing now compared to what the Patriots in the

Freedom Convoy went through having their bank accounts Frozen uh being arrested case of Tamara leech being put into solitary what was it 39 days or something like that I think it was closer to 50 days 50 days yeah well solitary no less but she was jailed for

Almost 50 so why the double standard yeah well and there’s no repercussion for these actions and we’ve seen that repeatedly in Justin Trudeau Canada where you have these Progressive liberal criminal code adjustments and especially you know as with the Catch and Release um protocols for the judicial system

Where there’s no recourse there’s no repercussion questions for your actions and so you can just spew this kind of nonsense you can be an actual criminal and be out on bail within 12 hours 100% um and I I assume you spoke about it yesterday I didn’t watch the stream but

The Montreal uh school shooting this is horrific this is absolutely horrific to be taking place in Canada and what I what I constantly kind of go back to is I want I say to myself and if I wasn’t blocked on Twitter I’d check but um where’s the anti-hate network right we

Have a government funded Network that’s supposed to condemn hate in Canada and they’ve been pretty much silent on this file for well what is it five weeks oh I’ll tell you where they are uh the anti-hate network head hanono uh bunny Farber as I like to call him uh he was

Called out on this and uh like where is the condemnation and uh on social media he responded uh and it was basically our focus is rightwing hat groups we wish we had the resources we wish we and uh Bernie Farber is a Jew Bernie farber’s parents were um Holocaust uh survivors

Um and you’re going oh well you know what because we’re so obsessed with I don’t know the Klux Clan and neo-nazis um we just don’t have time uh to deal with people saying from the river to the sea or gas the Jews uh is that not despicable this guy is

Self-hating that’s what I say do we have that Olivia we do he yeah he was responding to to someone um basically calling calling them out on their silence on this and he says anti-hate doca focuses on the extreme right whatever that is that is what it does

That’s it that’s all it does so it’s not actually about anti-hate it’s just focusing on the extreme right I wish we had the resources to do more we just don’t oh really and then he resigned didn’t he after this didn’t wasn’t there a change and oh I’m not aware of that I

Hope so uh I don’t don’t take my word for that but but Tamaro what research turn on the news go to one of these demonstrations it’s not that you need to establish a think tank and delve through Reams and reams of material any weekend you’ll see this crap on dis openly on

Display and I want to tell you something about the political La for decades they have been obsessed with u like I said before uh clansmen neo-nazis Hey as well they should look I’m not a supporter of uh that kind of vitriol and hatred but in the meantime they have inexplicably

Made alliances with the islamists these are people committed to wiping Israel off the face of the Earth to killing every Jew and many on the left are indeed Jewish themselves uh this is unbelievable and if what is happening now in the streets of Western cities

Around the world is not a wakeup call to these people I.E you better change teams because the side you’re on is going to be coming for you very quick I don’t know what would be a wakeup call toara well it looks like they did and I’m speaking about the anti-hate network

They did um do one article on the shooting um in Montreal but but yeah I wanted to just touch on Bernie did step down as the chair of the Canadian anti-hate Network they posted this on November 7th so just last week but apparently he stepped down on September

14th I think that might might just be and this is my own personal inkling that for Optics right because they’ve been so silent on this file um Bernie Farber apparently stepped down on September 14th but they didn’t post it until November 7th that seems a bit odd to me

But um anyway he’s been replaced by Sue Gardner um who was unanimously elected as our new chair and so since that time they’ve published one article on the shots fired into two Jewish schools overnight and I think that one was also from last week do we have a date on that

One can we show it on screen November 9th So within two days they have a new chair and now all of a sudden they have one article on these incidents this is an a fascinating chronology because uh it says in the article that he stepped down September 14th yes and then it’s

Not announced until November 7th and if you look at the chronology that might be just a couple of days after he said that idiot uh tweet that we um hey both what are you going to do we just don’t have the resources to go after these uh um you

Know Pro Hamas uh people uh we got to focus on Extreme rightwing uh terrorism uh I think maybe that was the Catalyst good point yeah I didn’t check the date stamp on that tweet and I think because the vast majority of us are blocked by the anti-hate network um who actually

Seems to be responsible for some hate if you follow uh are you kidding Kara sad I think is the pronunciation of her last name yeah she’s had it out with some of the anti-hate um pundits so anyway there’s a whole there’s a whole Pandora’s Box there when you get into

Anti-hate doca and what they’re actually doing and whether or not they’re actually anti-hate which looks like more and more in fact they’re not I mean he admitted it the chair who’s now stepped down um admitted it himself they’re not about condemning hate they’re just about scrutinizing the extreme right if anyone

Can Define the extreme right for me please do that and um let me know where you find the extreme right in Canada what kind of Encompass is it who is the extreme right I’d love to know more about that yeah I think the definition Tamara is if you are slightly right of

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A pro-Hamas protester accosted Justin Trudeau as he left an event in Brampton, shouting at the prime minister, “Why do you say Hamas is a terrorist organization?”

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  1. Trudeau, well this what you brought into Canada. Now, we have these pro-Hamas if you don't like here!! Go Home back to your shithole on the earth. Thanks Trudeau bringing these groups if any Jewish, Canadians, Trudeau what you think you shouldn't get a vote in next election.

    He can shout all he want. Doesnt make him right.
    The true criminals are Hamas.
    What make me worried is that NO ONE IS CALLING THIS OUT.
    We are on the verge of witnessing a second world war, and people are just waiting, to pick the winners aide.
    They are waiting for the government to say palestine or israel.
    Like morons who cant think for themselves.

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