Trending Canadian Dog Names: Movies, Food, and Sports-Inspired Choices

Dog names based on movies, food and sports are trending in Canada this year

“Move over Fido, there’s a new top dog name in town! According to Rover’s latest annual report, Canadian pet parents are getting creative with their pup’s names, drawing inspiration from everything from movies and TV shows to food and travel destinations.

The Most Trending Names

Rover’s database of millions of pet parents revealed that Luna is the reigning champion of dog names in Canada, closely followed by Charlie, Bella, Milo, and Daisy. When it comes to male dog names, Charlie and Milo take the lead, with Max, Cooper, and Leo close behind. For female names, Luna is at the top, followed by Bella, Daisy, Molly, and Lucy.

Influences from Pop Culture

Pop culture has a significant impact on dog names, with celebrity-inspired names like Donnie, Elton, Ed, Kylie, and Hamie gaining popularity. The success of the Barbie movie led to a surge in popularity for the name Barbie, while names from the Marvel Universe, such as Viper, Thanos, Mystique, and Pyro, continue to be popular choices.

Music, Video Games, and Sports

From singers like Harry, Elvis, Nelson, and Willie to gaming-inspired names like Yoshi, Luigi, and Zelda, Canadian dog owners are drawing inspiration from various forms of entertainment. Additionally, sports lovers are naming their dogs after trending athletes or sports teams, with names like Gretzky, Dillion, and Connor seeing a significant increase in popularity.

Eating and Traveling

Foodies are paying homage to their love for food by naming their pets after delicious dishes, as seen with names like Cupcake, Almond, Yuka, Banana, and Maple. Meanwhile, drinks like Whisky, Soda, Brandy, and Boba are also inspiring pet parents. And for those with a case of wanderlust, popular travel destinations like Berlin, Bali, Cairo, Brooklyn, and Sydney are being chosen as names for pups.


The list of top dog names in Canada reflects the diverse influences and interests of pet parents. From pop culture references to food and travel destinations, there’s no shortage of creativity and inspiration when it comes to naming our furry friends. Whether it’s a nod to a favorite movie character, a beloved musician, or a delicious dish, these names are a reflection of the love and joy pets bring into our lives. What’s in a name? For Canadian dog owners, it’s a whole lot of personality, creativity, and heart.”



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