Toronto police: Pedestrians may have been hit deliberately | FULL UPDATE


What is the information that leads you to believe that this may be a homicide there is some information that these people were struck intentionally and that’s why homicide is investigating how well did this uh person driving the car know these people we do not have any information about the

Relationship between these people at this point do you have any information right now on the person in custody is specifi all I can tell you is that it’s an adult male one witness or I should say someone who lives in this apartment building that it it sounded uh definitively like this this vehicle

Seemed to been driving in the loop and struck them repeatedly going around is there anything that we can say at this point about the the nature of this of of this ultimately fatal hit and not run we are in the very early stages of this investigation a lot of information is

Still coming in and I com can’t comment on it can you can you talk about what a potential motive might be for this incident to be deemed potentional no we don’t have any information on a motive at this point we can confirm that sou white car

Still I don’t know which car it is involved but the car has remained at the scene are you able to speak generally of course what happened prior to the the incident with with the car some people are talking about hearing loud voices some said it was shot expect you to say

Exactly that but like something happen before the people stru now like I said we’re at the very early stages of the investigation and I can’t say what uh what was the precursor to anything that happened give us any information about the victims are they visible minorities I don’t know the demographics

Of the victims I just know that they’re all adults the victims and the male in custody are they all residents of this build I don’t have that information thank you very much thank you for your time all right we were listening into Toronto police over there providing an

Update on an incident that occurred earlier today in the morning in North York Toronto that’s just not of the main city after the vehicle struck pedestrians four people were struck in this incident

Officials with the Toronto Police Service say they have information that four pedestrians struck by a vehicle may have been hit deliberately.

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  1. Useless police spokesperson. Waste of taxpayers' money. The face of social engineering. Female cop that would be totally useless in bar room brawl and just barely passed her annual sidearm qualification. Next year: her promotion to police chief.


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