The upcoming women’s hockey league has many tasks left on its agenda

The new women's hockey league still has a lot on its to-do list

“New Professional Women’s Hockey League: What’s Happening So Far”

The Professional Women’s Hockey League (PWHL) has made significant progress as it gears up for its inaugural season. With training camps now open for its six teams, this new league is shaping up to be an exciting new chapter in women’s hockey.

Milestones Achieved

The PWHL came into being after billionaire Los Angeles Dodgers owner Mark Walter and other investors bought out and folded the seven-team Premier Hockey Federation and formed a labor deal with the Professional Women’s Hockey Players’ Association. The league has announced the locations of its original six franchises, hired coaches and executives, signed foundational players, and conducted its inaugural draft. The board member of PWHL, Stan Kasten, has remarked on the rapid growth of the league, highlighting the swift transition from a blank sheet of paper to over 120 employees in just four months.

Work Still to be Done

However, despite the progress made, the league still faces several challenges as it approaches its January launch. The finalization of team names and logos, securing home arenas, setting a concrete start date and schedule, acquiring TV and streaming rights, selling tickets, and confirming player contracts are essential elements that need attention.

Band-Aids to Championships

The dedication and hard work of the team in building the league from the ground up are evident. The PWHL’s commitment to providing the resources necessary for players to thrive as professional athletes has been a driving force behind the league’s success thus far.

Moving Forward

As training camps commence and preparations for the inaugural season intensify, the PWHL is on track to provide an exciting platform for women’s hockey. With talented players, passionate fans, and dedicated staff, the league has the potential to make a significant impact on the sport.

“A Bright Future for Women’s Hockey”

The PWHL’s journey from conception to reality has been nothing short of remarkable. As this new chapter in women’s hockey commences, the league’s commitment to professionalizing the sport and providing a platform for talented athletes is commendable. With the potential for compelling competition and a positive impact on the development of women’s hockey, the PWHL is definitely one to watch.



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