The hidden dark side of London’s anti-Israel marches



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Think it’s fair from the British government to label amas as a terrorist organization do you think it’s fair no I don’t think so no one is calling for the exposion of the Jews no one you know the Sharia law yes should we apply it in a

Well if you look at the country who’s got it there’s a lot less crime there in there do you think that the lgbtq community are welcome in Palestine I have no idea I haven’t been there I was sent to London last weekend to cover the massive anti-israel March that invaded Central London during an important day for the British her’s day I had some security with me so I was able to speak with some of the people present why security because contrary to

Mainstream media I was there to ask challenging question to really dig out what people really think deep inside we believe the only social ism is the only answer to the problems of the Middle East and the the conflict that’s going on between Israel and Palestine you can

Help me out by covering my security cost and travel expenses at Battle for so I took the street and spoke with several people about multiple topics a man whom I simply asked about his thought on the massacre of 1200 Israelis and the kidnapping of 200 40

Orders by Hamas on October 7 went off yelling at me you probably saw the viral video of him telling me that Hitler was right have a look if the West feel so sorry for the Israeli zist why don’t they give a place in Germany why don’t

They go to Hitler’s back garden and make occupation there then they will know what kind of people these are why every so many hundred years the zist slaughtered because Hitler knew how to deal with these people all you can talk oh what happened about Hamas in 7th of October all happened nothing happened

That thing happened if you’re going and raping my family for last 100 years you think I’m going to let you go this is just a wakeup call can you believe what you just heard Shing isn’t it Hitler a genocidal Maniac is now respected and right according to him I would love to

Tell you that this men represent a fringe minority in these protest but unfortunately no many individuals pretending to march in support of Palestine Harbor a strong desire to eliminate Jewish people from Israel if not completely from the hurt I am not saying that all of them

Want this I’m saying that there are lots of radicals who are anti-semitic who hate Jews and are ready to go to hell to destroy them look at what happened last weekend in Montreal an elementary Jewish school was shot not once but twice a Molotov cocktail was thrown at a

Synagogue how we waiting for the IR Parable to be done before taking action what’s next it was astonishing to see how truthful this man was because most of people on the ground when they saw my camera refused to speak their mind what the River from the sea mean I I’m not

I’m I youd have to ask somebody who’s chanting it ask ask one who’s chanting it do you know what that mean what they are chanting from The River To The Sea no no you can maybe ask one of the media team thank you you don’t you don’t know

I’d rather not comment thank you um I I know enough about this topic thank you okay following my interview the London Metropolitan Police notic this man and they are now searching for him because in England they have a law that prohibit hate speech listen we advocate for free speech

But when it comes to calling for genocide and violence this should not be allowed your freedom of expression stop when you are calling for murder and ethnic cleansing and the law must be applied to everyone equally left and right you’ll see only Ruben news is brave enough to challenge people and

Show the truth the main mainstream media keeps saying that these protest was peaceful but anti-semitic sign were shown people were wearing Hamas headband and people were openly calling for the destruction of Israel by chanting from The River To The Sea Palestine would be free palese will be free from River to

Theae I’m working really hard to bring you the fact and it’s not cheap unfortunately so just consider chipping in a couple of bucks at Battle for to support my work thanks without you it’s not possible to report on this kind of story so please consider to make a donation through the

Website battle for because mainstream media is not going to show you the other side of the story we are going to do it we thereare to challenge the people so please if you like what we are doing and you want to support us go over battle for and chip in

Now thanks

Rebel News’ Alexa Lavoie reports from an anti-Israel march in London, England on Remembrance Day.

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  1. Quote
    " I have no idea, I have never been there…"
    What the hell does she think she's supporting then..🤔
    Are these protesters under some kind of MK Ultra mind control..😢

  2. Just curious when rebel is going to report on Israel’s plans to deport Palestinians to Europe, Canada and America.
    1930’s German loaded up boatloads of Jews and tried shipping them around the world, and they ended up getting returned. I find it ironic that Israel is doing pretty well the same thing.
    Personally, I don’t want your blood feud dumped in our laps in Canada, maybe you should fix your own back yard first Israel.
    Let’s get some coverage of that rather than the angry mobs in the streets. These ranting, angry people are pretty well a given. The Palestinians are Israel’s citizens. We condemn China treating the Uyghurs with concentration camps and reeducation (their own citizens), but turn a blind eye to that dumpster fire.

  3. The Muslim Manifesto publication June 15, 1990: "Jihad is a basic requirement of Islam and living in Britain or having British nationality by birth or naturalization does not absolve the Muslim from his or her duty to participate in Jihad". When are citizens in Western Democracies going to wake up to that Muslim/ Islamic doctrine?

  4. These protestors have NO clue. Demanding a ceasefire now is like wanting sex for virginity. The IDF CANNOT magically click their fingers and magically make Hamas go away whilst not having civilian deaths or casualties(which is unfortunate) and yet these protestors, many suffering from lopsided perceptions and dare I say, some form of mental illness have this idea that there HAS to be moral equivalency and proportionality…SMH!!

  5. We know Iran, Russia, China and the Arabs themselves are creating propaganda against Israel on all social networks,

    Don't fall for it and distinguish for yourself between evil and good

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