Surgeon inside Gaza’s Al-Shifa hospital says Israeli military raid began in middle of night


There’s breaking news out of the UK this morning the Supreme Court in Britain has rejected prime minister Rishi sunak plan to deport Asylum Seekers to Rwanda the court calling the plan unlawful Abby kadas now outside the courthouse with those breaking details Abby good morning Heather a central

Pillar of rishu cak Premiership has been knocked down by the Supreme Court the five Supreme Court Justices ruling that the Rwanda scheme is unlawful now the UK policy looked to deport Asylum Seekers to Rwanda where from there they could apply for Refugee status wait for their claims to be processed and if rejected

They would be sent back to their country of origin now the court saying that Rwanda is not a safe place for refugees the UK government had previously said that this policy would help deter people from making that dangerous Crossing across the English Channel but human rights groups have repeatedly said said

That this is a cruel policy and that the UK was looking to sidestep its International obligations including that obligation to the UN with the UN Convention as well but again this has been a central pillar of the Rishi sunak government he has now said that this was

Not the outcome that they had wanted but they had been preparing for all eventualities we should hear more details from him when he gives a news conference later today but again a massive part of his Mandate of the policy that he has been pushing and this has been something that the Tory

Government not just this one but the last three I should say under Johnson under truss and under him have been saying as Central uh to their government 18 months in the making it’s gone through three prime ministers for four home secretaries um but again the Supreme Court ruling that this R uh this

Randa policy is unlawful Heather thank you Abby Abby koua and with the breaking news in London this morning Israel’s military raid on alifa Hospital the largest hospital hit in Gaza there’s new video into us just moments ago and the focus is the premature babies we’ve been reporting on as we’ve covered the story

So the video you’re about to see shows the babies being moved within the hospital complex this video has been released by the Gaza Health Ministry which is controlled by Hamas and apparently reportedly these babies are being carried from theal Hospital nursery because there is no more power as we’ve

Been reporting the staff at Al shifa had to take the babies out of their incubators earlier this week when the fuel began running out for electrical generators which had been powering those incubators doctors say the babies were wrapped in foil and they were kept near

Bowls of hot water to keep them warm the head of pediatrics at El shifa says much of the hospital compound is without power oxygen and water and he says that six of the premature babies have died in recent days so that is a new number that we’re hearing for the first time this

Morning another doctor at Al shifa who’s the senior plastic surgeon spoke to reuter’s news agency with the Israeli military raid underway and he described how Israeli troops have been moving through Hospital buildings and are only few meters away from hospital staff they have been moving between the

Buildings with the troops can be seen within the hospital areas so um so it’s getting more and more close to our building we don’t know what they want exactly we don’t know what’s the end point of this there is continuous shooting and firing outside the hospital or inside we didn’t know

Exactly but like within the area the tanks are continuously moving within the hospital area no one is operating no one is seeing anyone it’s like all waiting for what the end point of this one are we going to survive this moment or not we’re unable ble to perform anything

We’re all waiting for the Israeli attack either to to settle down or just to come to an end so there you hear it’s difficult to hear communication has been difficult but that senior plastic surgeon saying uh will we survive we’re unable to perform anything in our Hospital capacity that’s what we’re

Hearing from the ground according to reuter’s news agency now and let’s look at what’s happening in Gaza and specifically at Al shifa in a little bit more detail Joseph Bello was with me in Studio the executive director of Doctors Without Borders Canada welcome I’m very happy to hear your perspective today on

All of this there’s much in that new video that I want to talk about but number one for today as we focus on this uh offensive in and around the hospital from any of your Doctors Without Borders team are you hearing any new detail today about alifa yeah we’re it like you

Said the communications has been really difficult so what we’re getting are sort of scraps and bits of information and um you know over the last few days really since uh Friday there’s just been this this this major shift uh in the tone and the messaging that’s coming from my

Colleagues out of alifa uh up until Friday really um our my colleagues my doctors and nurse colleagues not only in alifa but in the other hospitals that were still sort of barely functional um they were doing all they could to provide medical care and the shift over

The last few days has just been towards one of survival they’ve just gone into pure survival mode and that’s because the hospital came under intense bombardment as of uh Friday um uh it has been impossible to evacuate uh we have been my my colleagues have have have repeatedly sent messages along the lines

Of uh we are being killed please help us please allow uh an evacuation it hasn’t been possible uh from what they’ve told us to to actually uh evacuate uh one one doctor colleague was describing how uh some people had tried to leave the hospital and were came under fire under

Bombardment and under sniper fire so it has not been possible to leave so rer Stewart a little bit earlier in our newscast she had been talking she was able to connect with one of your msf m s Frontier doctors who was Sheltering in place in a surgical wing and just to to

Bring some of the detail that she got from him yes there were bombs and gunshots he didn’t know the situation but understood that the military was in the basement and he also didn’t go near the window for fear of being shot so that sort of corbor corroborates what

You’re hearing which is exact so as as of yesterday and and this morning again just sort of scraps of information that we’re receiving from colleagues um they’re hunkering down uh inside of uh rooms inside the hospital where they feel a little bit safer uh they’re hearing gunfire uh as you said they’re

Careful not to go near the windows or to uh show up too prominently uh for fear of of coming under direct attack I was going to ask about evacuation I don’t know if we’re able to go back and play that new video again of uh the babies

Being moved so much focus on the the neonatal unit and those 36 babies who needed to be in an incubator but weren’t but they it looks like I mean is there anything encouraging as you watch the babies at least being being moved I mean this is video that’s come out from from

The Gaza Health Ministry itself well first of all to take a step back you know when uh on Friday Saturday when we completely lost power in in alifa uh that meant that some of the vital functions of the hospital including incubators for babies dialysis machines uh emergency room lighting uh these

Sorts of you know completely obliterated then and so my colleagues have indeed confirmed that uh We’ve we’ve lost a few babies uh at last count that new number six number was just today yeah indeed yesterday it was three so uh apparently now up that much more so um yeah it has

Become um I don’t know if I if I would use the word encouraging of course every life at this at this time that we’re able to save and able to bring to safety is a good thing um but certainly what we’ve seen just zooming out and just looking at the

Pattern over the last weeks is you’ve you’ve got this incredibly heavy-handed uh Sy systematic attacks on Hospital facilities and we’ve gone from a situation where you know some hospitals are continuing to do some form of medical care to a complete failure of the health system now so on the one hand

You’ve got the right hand obliterating a health system and now you’ve got maybe a little bit of uh help and hope uh to bring little bits of fuel maybe a few incubators or something to help and it just seems it seems really off uh to to to obliterate a tire health system like

That and then look for these tiny bits of Hope let us do that just for just one more moment you mentioned the fuel and for the first time the UN is getting some fuel in today through that Raffa border crossing but it is just for the United Nations so that’s not going to

Reach you is that right any of the people in Doctors Without Borders who might need fuel for your Aid and assistance it’s not for you for now so and when I speak about the failure of the health system we’re talking Northern Gaza now we have a complete failure and

There have been a few trucks coming into into at that Rafa border crossing uh none of the medical supplies the desperately needed medical supplies I mean we’re talking about the most basic gauze uh pain painkillers uh utensils for doing surgical interventions the most basic kinds of things uh have not

Reached the north uh at all we Doctors Without Borders uh have just as of yesterday were able also to get a small team across the border uh at Rafa 15 uh people surgeons anesthetists intensive care uh Specialists that’s a hopeful sign uh a few supplies coming across too

But so far all of that is going to be concentrated in the South uh as the as as the attacks uh continue in in the north also why we’re calling for this ceasefire I’m sure you’ve you’ve you’ve seen that open letter uh on behalf of msf I’ve written to Justin Trudeau

Really to appeal for a total and complete ceasefire it’s unusual we normally do not step out and call for parties to conflict to just put down their weapons and stop fighting we normally would call for respect for these medical spaces respect for Humanity in the midst of War so those

Long sustained humanitarian pauses that they seem to endorse you’re going beyond that this time well we’re going Beyond because a pause just implies that you’re going to resume and if you’re going to resume in any manner consistent with what has been the case so far complete disregard for civilian life that’s unacceptable that’s

Why we’re calling for ceasefire that’s the word that the head of the who has just used uh Dr tedos is holding a briefing even as we’re speaking today Joseph and he talked about the offensive indel shifa in Gaza totally unacceptable was the quote that he used I just want

To again what we’re hearing on the other side and it’s been very open from uh Israel’s military spokesperson using the phrases targeted and precise operation uh that they gave for warning to those in the hospital to leave and again because of the Hamas Command Center which they believe is underneath the

Hospital operating beneath the hospital and they say they have found evidence of that um listening to that as you as you look at the situation does that provide any any justification or clarification for these actions yeah first off targeted and precise is absolutely not the experience of uh of my colleagues

And of the patients that we’re we’re treating and again I go back to really to October 7th and to be the beginning of this the pattern of indiscriminate bombings I believe the who has now counted as of 3 days ago 137 separate attacks on healthc care facilities uh

And and and then combined with the siege Warfare in which there’s the denial of the basic items necessary for survival food water uh medicines and so on um so so I I I can’t square that that this is precise and it is targeted with what what our teams are are experiencing and

Then you you know you mentioned uh Hamas uh and the use of these facilities uh my my colleagues are are learning in real time what we are also hearing about you know the potential of uh stockpiles of weapons and that sort of thing to the extent that Hamas may have been using

These facilities that would also constitute a crime under the laws of war under International humanitarian law uh that does not justify the the type of response the disproportional wiping out of entire medical faciliity in response to that there’s still obligations regardless of what that may look like there are still obligations to protect

Civilians protect medical uh spaces allow evacuations and in this case um they must be taking measures to continue medical services and we’re seeing none of that our our our teams are cowed in Corners trying to stay alive and protecting patients as best they can this is so far from respect for

Humanitarian law Joseph thank you I hope we’ll be able to have another conversation The Who as you said obliteration of healthc care facilities there were 3,500 hospital beds across Gaza again just coming out of that who briefing there are about 1,400 now as you say hospitals and health care

Facilities and people’s lives uh being affected so devastatingly thank you so much for the time today and we’ll continue to be in touch Joseph Bello with me in studio executive director of Doctors Without Borders Canada thanks again thanks for having me he

Israeli troops entered Gaza’s biggest hospital on Wednesday and searched its rooms and basement, witnesses said, culminating in a siege that caused global alarm after what Israel said was a deadly clash at the gates. ‘We worry if we knock on the window they will shoot us,’ said Mohammed Obeid, a surgeon at Al-Shifa hospital.

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