Spread joy this season with Maximalist Christmas – perfect for those seeking to fill their hearts with joy

Maximalist Christmas is here for people who need joy in their hearts


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“Embracing the Christmas Maximalist Aesthetic”

This holiday season, there’s a new trend in town, and it’s all about embracing the maximalist “more is more” decorative aesthetic. Forget the minimalist, muted tones of past years – this year it’s all about the tacky, vivid colors, and an abundance of decor reminiscent of the ’80s and ’90s. From tinsel-draped trees to ceramic Christmas trees and nostalgic movie-inspired ornaments, the maximalist decor trend is back and better than ever.

Maximalist Christmas – A Shift in Decor Trends

One of the driving forces behind this trend is the desire for comfort and nostalgia, particularly among Gen Z and millennial demographics. It’s not about a perfectly curated, Pinterest-worthy Christmas this year. Instead, people are embracing the comfort and joy that comes from childhood memories and traditions, as noted by Calgary influencer, Sarah McAllister. There’s a feeling of nostalgia, warmth, and a yearning for simpler times that this type of decor brings, and that’s what people are after in 2023.

Another reason for the shift towards maximalist Christmas decor could be attributed to the collective mood towards seeking out happiness and mood repair. It’s a way for consumers to lift their spirits during troubling times and engage in activities that bring joy and comfort. Overall, it’s a yearning for a sense of nostalgia and tradition in an otherwise unstable world.

“The Theme is to Try to Feel Something This Year”

People are drawn to vintage-style decorations like ceramic trees, glass balls, and vintage Santas, as well as embracing a more vivid, retro Christmas aesthetic. It’s about warmth, comfort, and happy memories, which is precisely what this year’s maximalist Christmas decor trend aims to bring forth.

On TikTok, the sentiment is echoed, with videos related to “Christmas nostalgia” garnering millions of views, and users expressing their desire to go back to nostalgic early 2000s Christmas decor. The theme is all about feeling something, and for many, that feeling is tied to the warmth and comfort of Christmas memories from years gone by.

In conclusion, there’s something undeniably heartwarming and nostalgic about maximalist Christmas decor. Whether it’s the vibrant colors, the mismatched ornaments, or the overall sense of warmth and tradition, this year’s holiday trend is a reminder of simpler, happier times. And in a world filled with uncertainty, it’s a trend that’s resonating with people of all ages who are seeking joy, comfort, and a much-needed dose of nostalgia during the holiday season.


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