“No end in sight” to rising greenhouse gasses: UN weather agency



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We have shown in the report that we have again breaken broken less comfortable records in main greenhouse gases carbon dioxide methane and nitrous oxide and U and and for example now we have 150% uh more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than than we had during the pre-industrial times and what what what

This means that we have such high concentrations of especially carbon dioxide in the atmosphere it means that that we have started increase of the melting of the glaciers for example here in Switzerland the Swiss glaciers lost more more than 10% of their Mass during the past two summers and um and and and

We know from the history when we have we we having similar concentrations of carbon dioxide that the sea level was 10 to 20 M higher than today so gradually the mountain glaciers will disappear mostly by the end of this century and then we will have Greenland and an

Antarctic glacia left and uh and they’re going to melt for up to thousands of years and uh the conservative estimated that that would contribute half meter to 1 m per Century sea level rise so this carbon dioxide concentration today is a problem for for this uh for for the

Cryosphere we could still face out this negative Trend in weather patterns heat waves flooding throughought tropical storms if we are able to limit the the the emissions to the limits of Paris agreement so far we are heading towards 2.5 to 3° warming so there’s need for raise of ambition and and this climate

Change is not only temperature issue but it’s it’s wider change in our our behavior of atmosphere and uh and we have already seen practically the whole planet has seen an increase of heat waves about half of the planet has been facing an increase of flooding events

And oneir of the planet has been facing an increase of drought events and this negative Trend will continue until 2060s and there’s no return back to the last is milder climate so that’s also one of the one of the facts that we we already know so so this because of the

Very long lifetime of of carbon dioxide unless we create the means to remove massive amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere so far we don’t we don’t have such means besides of course vegetation where where we also have limitations we can never uh we can never absorb such amounts of carbon dioxide

From the atmosphere that we are emitting by using fossil fuels

The concentration of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere reached a record high last year, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) said on Wednesday, warning there was “no end in sight” to the trend.

The warning comes weeks before world leaders are due to gather in Dubai for the annual United Nations (UN) climate conference, COP28, which will see governments push for greater climate action, including a possible phase-out of fossil fuels before 2050.

“We have shown in the report that we have again broken a less comfortable record in main greenhouse gasses, carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide. And for example, now we have 150 per cent more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than we had during the pre-industrial times,” WMO Secretary-General Petteri Taalas said.

Higher concentrations of greenhouse gasses would be accompanied by more extreme weather events, including intense heat and rainfall, ice melt, higher sea levels, as well as ocean heat and acidification, Taalas said.

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  3. Why dont you people talk to China and India??? Do you see any Western countries where you can't even see in front of you and we have to wear masks all day because the air is so polluted? It's OK continue to tax our populations to death and squander the money instead of spending it on things that you say will control greenhouse gases.

  4. This is nonsense. If you want to cut GLOBAL emissions by HALF, start with China and India. Combined they produced 50% of emissions. Canada is responsible for 1.5% emissions. Canadians can shut down their economy, lock us indoors and there would still be no difference in global emissions. This is pure Jim Jones propaganda and we are NOT drinking your Kool Aid. Who listens to the UN in 2023? They have already proven to be entirely corrupt and full of liars

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