Netanyahu Fires Back at Trudeau’s Allegation of Civilian Targeting in Gaza by Israel

Netanyahu refutes Trudeau’s claim that Israel is targeting civilians Gaza

“Netanyahu Claps Back at Trudeau Over Israel’s Handling of Israel-Hamas War”

In the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently expressed his concern about Israel’s targeting of civilians in the war. He urged the Israeli government to exercise maximum restraint, emphasizing the importance of saving the lives of innocent men, women, and children.

Netanyahu’s Response

In response to Trudeau’s remarks, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took to social media to address his concerns. He highlighted that it is Hamas, not Israel, that deliberately targets civilians, citing the horrendous acts perpetrated by the group. He emphasized that Israel is committed to protecting civilians while Hamas continues to use them as human shields.

Trudeau’s Concerns

Trudeau also expressed concerns about the Al Shifa Hospital being surrounded by the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) during the conflict. The hospital, the largest in Gaza, was reportedly targeted by the IDF in a specific operation against Hamas. However, Israel has accused Hamas of using the hospital for protection, which has been denied by both the hospital and the militant group.

Trudeau’s Stance

Trudeau insisted that the suffering of Palestinian civilians must come to an end, urging Hamas to release all hostages immediately and unconditionally. He also demanded that Hamas stop using Palestinian civilians as human shields to advance its genocidal goals.

Public Response and Canadian Involvement

Following Trudeau’s comments, the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs raised concerns about the impact of such rhetoric, stating that it could fuel antisemitism and enable Hamas to continue using civilian populations for its criminal activities.

With ongoing Canadian involvement and concerns about the safety of civilians in the conflict zone, hundreds of Canadians and their family members have been evacuated from Palestinian territory. However, with the war entering its second month, many trapped in Gaza are still living without basic necessities like electricity, running water, and food rations.

Compelling Conclusion

As the Israel-Hamas war continues, it’s imperative to consider the well-being of innocent civilians caught in the crossfire. Both sides must uphold international humanitarian law and ensure the protection of civilians. It is essential to seek a peaceful resolution to the conflict in order to prevent further suffering and loss of life. Let the voices of civilians and their advocates be heard as we work towards a peaceful and just future for all affected by this tragic conflict.



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