Muslim group’s alleged Hamas ties exposed in CRA claims audit

CRA claims audit reveals Muslim group has alleged Hamas ties


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“Potential Terrorist Links Discovered in Audit of Prominent Islamic Charity: Exposing the Truth”

The Canada Revenue Agency’s anti-terrorism team has reportedly discovered potential links between a Hamas support network and the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC), a major Islamic charity operating nationally. These allegations have sparked controversy, with MAC denying any terrorism connections and accusing the audit of being Islamophobic.

The Investigation and Legal Disputes

The investigation, which began in 2015 under the Anti-terrorism Law, involved 30 visits, 27 interviews, and detailed financial scrutiny. However, the MAC challenged the process, claiming a violation of the organization’s Charter Rights and Freedoms. Reports suggest that Julianne Myska, an employee with the anti-terrorism team, has expressed concerns about MAC’s alleged links to a Hamas support network, a designated terrorist group in Canada since 2002.

The MAC’s Responses

Despite these claims, MAC has vehemently opposed the allegations, asserting that the audit was tainted by systemic bias and has labeled the scrutiny as Islamophobic. MAC insists that it upholds a “moderate, balanced and constructive” religious approach and maintains that the allegations against them will be proven false.

The Threat of Losing Charitable Status and Public Funds

Based on the audit findings, there is now a possibility that the CRA could revoke MAC’s charitable status. This is compounded by the fact that MAC receives public funds, including federal support for anti-hate crime programs. Complex legal disputes have also arisen, with revelations of alleged ties to International Relief for the Afflicted and Needy (IRFAN), a charity that had its status revoked for financing Hamas.

Allegations of Supporting Extremism and Violence

Further accusations leveled against MAC include supporting rhetoric and acts of violence, which include controversial speeches and alleged statements by MAC leaders glorifying violence. Other concerns also relate to the alleged connections with individuals promoting extremist ideologies.


The politics of religion and charity are mired in complexities, as highlighted by the controversy surrounding the findings of the audit. At the crux of this issue are questions about accountability, transparency, and the need for unbiased assessments. It is essential that adequate measures are taken for thorough investigations and that organizations are held accountable for any support of terrorism. The outcome of this case could have implications for both public funding and the fraught relationship between religion and politics. Assessment of these serious allegations is crucial, and it is important to consider the potential impact on the wider Muslim community in Canada.


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