Loyal dog survives months beside deceased owner on Colorado peak – National: Read the incredible story here!

Here’s how a loyal dog survived months beside dead owner on Colorado peak - National

“Jack Russell Terrier Survives 72 Days on Mountain Guarding Owner’s Remains”

In a remarkable tale of survival and loyalty, a small Jack Russell terrier named Finney defied the odds and lived through two and a half months on the side of a mountain while guarding the remains of her owner. The heartwarming rescue story captured the attention of many and proved that the bond between a dog and its owner knows no limits.

The Miracle on Blackhead Peak

Finney’s harrowing ordeal began on August 19 when she went missing along with her owner, Richard Moore, 71, in the San Juan mountain range. After an exhaustive search, rescuers found the emaciated dog on October 31, having survived a gruelling ten weeks on Blackhead Peak. Moore, an experienced hiker, tragically died of hypothermia. The incredible story of Finney’s survival touched the hearts of many, showcasing the resilience and tenacity of Jack Russell terriers.

Unleashing the Power of Loyalty

Delinda VanneBrightyn, of Taos Search and Rescue, described Finney’s survival as a testament to her dedication and loyalty to Moore. According to the Jack Russell Terrier Club of America, these dogs are first and foremost hunting dogs, with skills and traits that make them excellent survivors. Finney’s return has given Moore’s loved ones a renewed sense of purpose, particularly his widow, Dana Holby. The miraculous reunion with Finney has brought a sense of healing and comfort to the grieving family.

The Heartwarming Aftermath

Since her return, Finney has displayed newfound skills and behaviors, adapting to her new life. Holby expressed her astonishment at Finney’s survival, acknowledging the challenges she overcame while alone in the Colorado backcountry. Finney’s resilience has turned her into a local celebrity, drawing admiration and support from the community. Holby has taken on the responsibility of nursing Finney back to health, viewing it as a purposeful task in her life.

The Ultimate Gift of Comfort

For Holby, Finney’s return feels almost otherworldly, representing a piece of her lost husband. She believes that Finney was sent to her by Moore, with the dog taking care of her in his absence. The heartwarming and emotional bond between Finney and Holby serves as a touching reminder of the extraordinary connections that exist between animals and humans.

In the end, the miraculous journey of a tiny Jack Russell terrier surviving 72 days in the wilderness is a powerful testament to love, loyalty, and the unwavering spirit of companionship. Finney’s remarkable story has captured the hearts of many, demonstrating the incredible resilience and strength of the canine spirit. It serves as a reminder of the extraordinary impact animals can have on our lives, providing comfort, healing, and companionship in our darkest hours.”



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