Justin Trudeau urges Israel to stop ‘baby killing’ in Palestine conflict | Latest news on Israel-Palestine conflict

Canada’s Justin Trudeau tells Israel to end ‘killing of babies’ | Israel-Palestine conflict News

“Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has urged Israel to ‘exercise maximum restraint’ in its war on Gaza, calling for an end to the killing of women, children, and babies in the besieged region.

Trudeau’s Demand for Restraint

In a bold move on Tuesday, Prime Minister Trudeau demanded that Israel halt the tragic loss of innocent lives in Gaza, citing the world’s watchful eye on social media. He stressed the urgency of the situation, urging Israel to exercise maximum restraint in its military operations.

Netanyahu’s Response

In response to Trudeau’s plea, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lashed out, shifting the blame to Hamas and emphasizing the need for global support in defeating the violence perpetrated by the Palestinian group. He emphasized that Israel is taking measures to protect civilians, despite the ongoing bombardment of Gaza.

Unbiased Perspective

While Canada has acknowledged Israel’s right to defense, it has also expressed deep concern over the escalating death toll in Gaza. Trudeau emphasized that the suffering of Palestinian civilians should not be the price of justice and called for all innocent lives to be equally valued, regardless of nationality.

Hamas’ Role

Trudeau also directed his message to Hamas, calling for the release of hostages and an immediate end to the use of civilians as human shields. This balanced approach demonstrates a commitment to addressing the complex dynamics of the conflict.

Hospital Attacks

Israeli raids on al-Shifa Hospital, which houses countless patients and displaced Palestinians, including premature babies, have drawn condemnation from international rights groups. Calls for the investigation of these attacks as potential war crimes have further underscored the urgency of the situation.

Humanitarian Pause

Last week, Trudeau advocated for a significant humanitarian pause in the conflict to facilitate the release of hostages and the delivery of aid to address civilian needs in Gaza. This plea highlights a commitment to finding a peaceful resolution to the ongoing crisis.


The clash of perspectives between Trudeau and Netanyahu underscores the complexity of the situation in Gaza. It raises critical questions about the most ethical and effective approaches to address the escalating violence and human suffering. As the conflict continues to unfold, the world waits in anticipation of how the international community will navigate these profound challenges.”



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