Justin Trudeau surrounded by protesters at Vancouver bar


Good evening and thanks for joining us the prime minister’s night out at a secret Vancouver cocktail lounge was not so secret angry protesters surrounded the bar shouting and jering at Trudeau triggering a huge police response that ended in arrests and that wasn’t the only confrontation CDB’s Michelle bero has more on what

Happened with some 250 protesters outside this bar in Chinatown and prime minister Justin Trudeau inside 100 officers quickly responded the actions of demonstrators worrisome say police we believe the protesters took some um specific specific actions that caus us concerns uh things like moving barricades uh to the um to block a part

Of the lane that would have blocked vehicle access police say as they tried to disperse the protesters a VPD officer was assaulted she was uh assaulted by a protester who we believe uh punched in the face and uh attempted to gouge uh around her eyes that protester was

Arrested um was taken to jail and that wasn’t the only arrest second person a 34-year-old man was was arrested for uh obstruction of police um by taking deliberate actions as our officers were attempting to disperse the crowd shame on you you have blood on your hands earlier in the evening while trau was

Having dinner at vies on cambi he was also confronted as protesters said the Prime Minister had blood on his hands police say they were not aware of the protests before they sprung up officers also say there has been a rise in demonstrations since October 7th following hamas’s surprise attack on

Israel 2023 we’re well on Pace to exceed 1,000 protests in the city of [Applause] Vancouver Police urging protesters to remain peaceful and saying officers will continue to respond to unlawful Behavior and Michelle Bernardo joins us now Michelle have charges been laid in the attack on the officer and how is that police officer doing yeah mang the officer received medical attention for facial injuries a police spokesperson

Couldn’t say whether the officer would need time off work after what happened meanwhile three charges have been lead against a 27-year-old Jacob Martz uh he is accused of assaulting a peace officer assault causing bodily harm and willfully resisting or obstructing a peace officer he returned to court next

Month mang all right thanks for this update Michelle

A crowd of protesters surrounded a bar Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was visiting in Vancouver on Tuesday, triggering a huge police response that ended in arrests.

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  1. For some reason many of our citizens appear to have abandoned all pretence of being domesticated. The hordes come out in force to have a temper tantrum. Trudeau is our federal leader.have some respect. If you don’t like his actions, work for change, which would require commitment.


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