‘It’s not consensual’: Female powerlifter tells Piers Morgan women don’t want to compete against men



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Welcome back to un sensor Canadian female power lifter April Hutchinson’s been suspended from the sport for 2 years for taking a speaking we speaking out actually on this show about trans athletes competing in the sport and powerlifting Union use comment she made against her rival transgender record breaking powerlifter an Andre’s right

Here on uncensored as part of the reasoning for the suspension here’s what she said apparently was so awful so he is a 40 40y old uh 6′ 200 50b man well that National Record that he broke athletes have been chasing that for years so he just goes to show the

Advantages the phys physiological advantages that a male has over a female well April joins me now April first of all I’m apped that you’ve been suspended and I’m even more apped that you’ve been suspended for stating what appears to be a simple fact you were talking about the

Fact that a biological male who identifies now as a woman and is a trans athlete um was getting an unfair Advantage because of their physiology over you for stating the bleeding obvious you’re the one now who can’t compete yeah exactly uh I guess saying uh truth and fact calling uh Andress AB

Biological male is considered hate speech and goes against their social media um code um when talking about sports Pierce you would know this you have to State what the person is so I I was actually thinking I was being polite saying a biological male um and I was in

Fact saying the truth so uh bodies play sports not identities so when we’re talking about sports especially powerlifting a strength sport you need to say call a man a man call a woman a woman right because physiology I’m afraid is physiology there’s nothing you get away from it um it just seems

Completely ridiculous to me that for calling this out this this shock shocking unfairness towards women born with female bodies in women’s sport you can now not compete I mean it’s it how do you feel about this I I’m actually I mean this was a week ago that I found out um I was

Sitting there on the couch I opened the email from the Ethics Committee I was blown away 2-year suspension is very harsh it’s a it’s a a suspension you would give someone that got caught for doping put it that way so so I mean everyone’s still shocked about it I’m

I’m very upset I’m very hurt by my Federation and I do feel that this suspension was issued let alone focusing on my terminology to deviate from the real Topic at hand which is unfairness in sports yeah I mean you know I saw Megan rapino the football player soccer

Of course over in America um who has just retired and right at the moment of her retirement she said oh what I’d really want is to see trans uh women playing in the uh US Women’s National Soccer Team which is great because it means her plays won’t get

Taken and my response would be okay so what happens if lonel Messi who’s playing in the MLS in America what happens if he decides to identify as a woman a he can if he wants to B there’ be no law against him prohibiting him from playing for the American women’s

National team is that the way we’re going to go where lonel Messi suddenly says I’m a woman and breaks even more record but makes it irrevocably impossible for an actual woman to compete um that is where this is going if we’re not very careful isn’t

It oh it’s it’s true and you said it Pierce uh it doesn’t affect rapino anymore so have fun virtual singling you know that’s exactly what she’s doing um and if like for my sport it affects many lifters I know four lifters off the top of my head that will be competing

Against and coming up and that have a problem with it that have actually written the Federation two people have dropped out one person cut weight so they don’t have to compete against an it’s not consensual and I mean it only takes one person to not consent and the

Federations that are allowing this you know it’s it’s disgraceful it is disgusting that they’re allowing this to happen yeah I mean it’s basically licensed cheating is what it is and it’s like saying that certain comp competitors can dope you know that was the case everyone would be up in arms

And saying well it’s unfair because you get an advantage this is unfair you get an advantage I mean there’s another story over here which I know you’re aware of um which has really just staggered me a health charity in the UK that helps women specifically suffering from endometriosis which is a a condition

About the lining of a womb has now appointed as his chief executive a transwoman so a biological male what do you think of that I I heard that and I mean what a huge insult to women you know I went for a test the other day I went for my first

Mamogram and you know I was just sitting there thinking like how would I feel if there was a a man in there with me um you know it’s it’s a very private issue um even just going into locker rooms women are very private like I’m always covering myself up and that’s in front

Of women so you take something like so private like a health condition and you appoint a man in in charge a huge slap to women’s faces yeah is it’s nuts isn’t it um April are you going to appeal against your suspension yes the first step I have a

Great lawyer um uh Lisa buildy is my lawyer we will be appealing it we do have 10 days and then after that we will be pursuing other legal Avenues which I can’t announce right now but uh we will be uh seeking legal action well I’m very

Sorry again that it’s come to this and that this show has played a part of this ridiculous suspension I wish you luot with the appeal we’ll follow it we’ll keep in touch and I wish you all the best thank you so much for having me again

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April Hutchinson joins Piers Morgan Uncensored for an update on her two-year suspension from powerlifting after she criticized the Canadian Powerlifting Union, the sport’s governing body, of allowing biological males to compete in women’s divisions.
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