Israeli PM rebukes Trudeau, who says killing of Gaza civilians ‘has to stop’


Prime minister Justin Trudeau is urging Israel to exercise maximum restraint in its military operation in Gaza the world is witnessing this killing of women and children of babies this has to stop those final comments are not playing well with Israel’s prime minister in a tweet aimed at Trudeau last night

Benjamin Netanyahu insisted Israel is not deliberately targeting civilians he said while Israel is doing everything to keep civilians out of herm’s way Hamas is doing everything to keep them in herm’s way Israel provides civilians in Gaza humanitarian corridors and safe zones Hamas prevents them from leaving

At gunpoint it is Hamas not Israel that should be held accountable for committing a double War crime targeting civilians while hiding behind civilians

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is facing criticism from Jewish leaders.

He made comments that were perceived as overly critical of Israel and its efforts to destroy Hamas in Gaza.

Trudeau on Tuesday said “the world is watching” as Israel pursues its campaign to destroy the group that carried out the deadly Oct. 7 attack.

“We’re hearing the testimonies of doctors, family members, survivors, kids who’ve lost their parents. The world is witnessing this — the killing of women and children, of babies,” Trudeau said. “This has to stop.”

Trudeau’s comments were interpreted by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a rebuke of his country’s war effort.

In a social media post that tagged Trudeau, Netanyahu said Israel isn’t the one “deliberately targeting civilians, but Hamas that beheaded, burned and massacred civilians in the worst horrors perpetrated on Jews since the Holocaust.”

Michael Levitt, a former Liberal MP who now serves as the president and CEO of the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Centre, a Jewish rights group, said Trudeau’s “reckless accusations against Israel are deeply concerning.”

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  1. Gaza has been an open air prison for 40+yrs, Empire Files-Abby Martin. The Grayzone-Dr Gabor Mate. RT International history lesson about Nakba-Zionism 75 yrs ago, answers how Canada got Naughties? Jimmy Dore, Redacted what does Gaza have OIL

  2. The entirety of Canada is wishing Justin Trudeau would think logically for the prosperity of his own citizens.
    The world is watching the rise of a dictator suppress and tax a once great nation to its demise.

    It is absolutely true that what is happening over there is horrible beyond comprehension, but it’s not our fight. For literally thousands of years it’s been there’s.

    How about we think about how Canada can be prosperous first world nation…. Because at the rate we’re going our nation, and great nations around the world will be brought to their knees, surrounded by rubble.

  3. "Israel is not deliberately targeting civilians." "11,000 civilian dead and many times that number of injured should not have been in our tightly fenced bombing target range."


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