Hundreds of thousands rally in support of Israel in Washington, D.C.



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I like to follow accounts online that inspire me that are a role model for me I’d like to follow some non-political accounts too some comedians some musicians but I have always made a point of watching what my critics and opponents say to know the other side of

The story to know what I have to rebut and occasionally to acknowledge that the other side once in a while has a point once in a while to make me reconsider my own thoughts so I sample from the enemy I look at anti-semitic and promos some Proke accounts but look there’s no way

You can consume that much enemy propaganda without having it emotionally affect you you start to think that everyone in the world is a barbarian and that everyone in the world is full of blood lust everyone’s cheering for violence that countries far away are reverting to ancient levels of barbarity

And violence and cruelty as Hobbs would say where life was solitary poor nasty brutish and short and when you see our own Canadian civility our politeness our mutual friendship our high trust Society our sense of community being replaced by people who cheer for violence and worst of all when our own national leaders

Abide it and our media encourage it or hide it I can’t believe this tweet from CTV news last night a woman was murdered by Hamas a Canadian woman and she was so brutalized it took weeks to identify her remains and here’s what CTV said quote Canadian peace activist Vivien silver

Who went missing after Hamas attack has died really just just died and here’s what Trudeau’s foreign minister said about the same woman Melanie Jolie says Vivien silver was a proud Israeli Canadian and lifelong advocate for peace I met her son and T aiv and he described her as kind generous and selfless Canada

Mourns her loss with him and her love loved ones so so she’s lost it’s a loss she’s lost is she what what happened did Co get her maybe why won’t Melanie Jolie say what happened to her that that she was murdered why won’t Jolie say who did the murder you know

Why oh and another synagogue was vandalized what does the quinty news have to say place of worship vandalized oh that’s that’s pretty generic I’ll read the ENT ire article to you a place of worship in belleville’s East End was vandalized early Tuesday City police report a congregation member called

Saying he’d advised a man who approached the build the front of the building at 8 6:30 in the morning that it was close to the public at that point it’s alleged the man walked to the west side of the place of worship and smashed a window police arrived quickly and arrested a

44-year-old suspect from British Columbia and charged him with Mischief under $5,000 he was held for a bail hearing police say there’s no evidence to suggest the crime was hate motivated oh really is that the case then then why won’t you say it’s a synagogue and and what is the name of the accused

Attacker you’d have to check a different newspaper to learn any actual facts about it there’s a synagogue of course my point is if you only look at the world through a certain lens it looks pretty bleak the kids call it Doom scrolling when people keep going through

Their social media feeds hour after hour just cons doing more and more and more Bleak news I do that sometimes but Doom scrolling can get you down sometimes you just have to put the cell phone down and go outside for a walk I say giving myself advice and

Although we have to be Skeptics and I’d rather be a pessimist who’s proven wrong than an optimist who’s proven wrong I hate saying the words I told you so but I still think maybe once in a while we ought to take a moment to look at some good news it’s not great news

But it is not completely Bleak out there let me share with you some okay news for one thing today there are about a quarter million people who marched in Washington DC in support of Israel and against anti-Semitism and it was peaceful and there were no threats and no calls for

Genocide or Jihad there were Israeli flags and US Flags too and it was positive it was sad but it was positive and the fact that a quarter million Jews and righteous Gentiles went out to March is remarkable I mean the woke left are professional activists they are often

Students or government workers or even people on social assistance they are at leisure let’s say they’re the kind of Perpetual rental mob with professional activists and organizers like public sector union bosses and anti- foot types but the crowd today was very different severely normal people who don’t usually

Go to protest I found it encouraging I even saw some Democrats there and that made me feel good not because I like Democrats but because it confirmed for me that no the entire Democratic party has has not yet lost its mind and Gone full Alexandra oia Cortez full Ilan Omar

And that there are even some Democrats willing to stand for Israel’s right to exist and Israel’s right to fight back against a Nazi style terrorist group here’s a US state department spokesman Matthew Miller is his name actually pushing black back on the blood liel that Israel is attacking hospitals

Listen to this yesterday we would love to see all the people that are calling for Israel to take steps to protect hospitals call for Hamas to vacate the hospitals and stop using civilians as human Shields we would love to see Hamas take some of the fuel reserves it’s

Sitting on and use that to supply hospitals in Northern Gaza uh we would love to see Hamas have taken the fuel that Israel offered it yesterday that they declined for use at alifa hospital so it’s a very difficult situation um uh and I would say as a principal I’ll just

Restate what I said at the top we do not want to see civilians caught in the crossfire I found that Clarity surprising and encouraging here’s the German Chancellor standing up to the new Hamas Nazis just yes they aren’t you glad to hear this in German that’s good news I mentioned to you the

Other day that the Muslim Brotherhood front group called The National Council of Canadian Muslims they commissioned a poll about Canadian views on Hamas only 8% of Canadians called Hamas Freedom Fighters the rest saw them as terrorists or a front group for Iran I’m sort of surprised that the nccm published that

Poll anyways because it makes them look so obscure and marginal and radical and I also see the latest Poland numbers federally for the election and Justin Trudeau has never been this low it’s his worst ever he’s almost behind the NDP is almost in third place and yes

There are lots of reasons besides his handling of the Hamas Israel issue of course inflation cost of living cost of housing crime his bizarre carbon tax his carbon tax exemption just for his friends a zillion things I know that but those were all in effect five weeks ago

He has fallen to a record low in the past five weeks and I put it to you that his handling of the war issue is part of it he’ll never be Pro Hamas enough for the extremists but his attempt to Pander to them nonetheless is so palpable and so

Gross to the majority of Canadians who see it for what it is I actually think that his repo approach to the war is hurting him in the poles he’ll never be able to outbid the kooky NDP and green party in terms of anti-Semitism so he’s losing some

Islamist support to them but he’s losing more normal Canadian voters because he’s so awfully apologetic for Hamas and he so grossly smears Israel and then they have atrocious comments like Melanie Jolie I say again that one of the safest places in the world right now to be a

Jew as crazy as it sounds as the United Arab Emirates because they don’t allow pramas marches they don’t allow actual violence of pro terrorist or uh Pro terrorist activism I’ve heard it said about Saudi Arabia too look at this news story it’s an Arab report but it cites the Wall Street

Journal that says the Saudi military apparently shot down a ballistic missile shot by Iran backed extremists in Yemen that was aimed at Israel I saw an unsourced report that Jordan did the same thing about a missile shot from Iraq now you have to take these reports with a grain of salt

Maybe it was an Israeli Interceptor or maybe an American one there’s two aircraft carriers out there but but my point is just because Hamas and it sponsor Iran and it safe harder Qatar and all the Western universities because they all love Hamas doesn’t mean the rest of the Arab world

Does a lot of countries are not thrilled about what Israel is doing but they understand that Hamas launched a brutal terrorist attack one that Israel had to respond to and one that was clearly designed to fracture the Abraham Accords peace deal and that Accord was seeing markable peace progress between Israel

And its Arab neighbors I think that peace remains in place I think that is good News

On last night’s episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra discussed the massive support for Israel displayed at a Washington, D.C. rally that saw hundreds of thousands of people gather in solidarity to demand the release of the hostages being held by Hamas.

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  1. Israel has been around and will be around forever. Hamas and alot of Muslims don't want to accept that and until they do Israel.will continue to defend itself forever or until the earth decides to shut down and reset itself or its destroyed and disappears from the solar system completely . Good luck to us all 🇨🇦👍🏼🇮🇱

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