How restaurant workers are feeling the pinch of inflation



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Some of the stats surrounding restaurants are rather shocking restaurants Canada says only 51% of Canadian restaurants are profitable right now and coming out of the Pandemic those numbers are awfully tough you may have noticed that one of your favorite restaurants may have closed and when it

Comes to customers 80% of them say yeah they’ve noticed things are a lot more expensive so we thought we’d pop in talk to a restaurant tour and some other people who work there about how things look right now my name is uh Michael rulin and the restaurants are meat next

ACT Marlo pip and PS coming out of the pandemic I mean it was difficult inflation became an issue beef Rices and dairy prices and you know you parlay that with uh increasing energy costs and uh I mean even interest rates it’s kind of like a triple whammy it feels like and we try

You know to always have value for our customers in mind but it’s really hard uh like we just went through five menu uh changes in the last couple of days and you know you have to bump everything up by you know sometimes a dollar or two

Just to make up for those loss costs you mentioned how much a burger at next ACT would cost if you contined to put up the price how much would it be oh it would sadly be $24 if we were to put the true cost of that burger on the menu and

Could you sell a $24 Burger there’s no way yeah I mean there’s definitely a bit of an a shift in energy for my customers expectations if they’re spending their hard-earned dollars out and about uh especially with everything kind of going up in price these days quality so service and like specific selection has

To all just meet that expectation now and I think that’s been the most noticeable shift we sell a lot more takeout and delivery food than we used to but I also think that the people who do come and sit in restaurants have a little bit more appreciation for like

The service and the process of getting to sit and enjoy what about the prices inflation has been roaring for the past year and a half do you get much feedback on how expensive things are yeah you know I think that even at grocery stores people are struggling so much so I think when

People are eating in restaurants a lot of the time they’re more interested in the experience and the service and we all know food’s expensive and sometimes it’s worth paying for a good meal but you definitely can tell that people are a little bit dubious when the check

Comes that it’s a bit more than they want it to be sometimes so with inflation with the way the restaurant industry has changed over the last 3 or 4 years what is the attitude toward tipping has it changed at all especially coming out of Co everyone was doing a

Little bit of like in a bit of a rougher shape financially and so tips definitely did reflect that but it’s now kind of gotten back to some semblance of normaly like again the average most people like 15% is sort of the general for service and if service was really quite

Wonderful giving 20 there’s so many moving Parts in a restaurant so you know there’s uh you know we staff 240 people so there’s a lot of uh you know Staffing trying to keep everybody you know gainfully employed and you know having a a living wage you know that’s probably

The most difficult I like serving because I like to make people happy and I think that the people who understand that you enjoy hospitality and making people happy are the people that are the best ones to serve cuz they’re happy to be there

With the cost of everything on the rise, you may have noticed your favourite restaurant has raised its prices — that is, if it’s been able to stay open at all. CBC Edmonton’s Mark Connolly met with a local Edmonton restaurateur and some of his staff to see how food and service prices are impacting workers on the front line.

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  1. I'm tired of hearing restaurant owners whine about high prices. Meanwhile their workers are going to food banks to survive because their wages aren't high enough. And these restaurant owners have the gall to wine and complain when their workers wages are paid by tips so they get a break in that department as well. Maybe there's just too many restaurants?

  2. I guess we need to first understand how could we all afford eat in a full service restaurant in the 1980-2010s era. That was because we were exploiting foreign labours through low cost import and neglect on environmental impact and labour condition outside our home country. Now it is just all getting back to normal, having another well paid person serve you a nice dinner is suppose to be a rare occasion.

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