Happy Camper, Two-Time PBR Canada Bull of the Year, to Make Final Appearance at Rogers Place – Professional Bull Riders

Two-Time PBR Canada Bull of the Year Happy Camper to Make Last Trip Inside Rogers Place — The Professional Bull Riders


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“Beloved by rodeo fans and professional bull riders alike, the esteemed Happy Camper from Two Bit Bucking Bulls will make his final appearance at the PBR Canada National Finals in Edmonton, Alberta. This iconic two-time PBR Canada Bull of the Year and World Finals qualifier has left an indelible mark on the sport with his impressive talent and fierce determination. As we bid farewell to this legendary bull, let’s take a closer look at his remarkable journey and celebrate the impact he has had on the rodeo world.

A Rising Star Emerges

Hailing from Magrath, Alberta, Happy Camper’s story began at the Two Bit Bucking Bulls’ ranch, where his exceptional abilities were evident from the very start. According to Josh Berezay, the bull exuded a rare sense of promise and distinction, setting him apart from his pen mates right from the beginning. Despite his initial struggles with a rider, Happy Camper’s true potential quickly became apparent, captivating all those lucky to witness his early triumphs.

A Legacy of Excellence

Throughout his illustrious career, Happy Camper has faced numerous challenges and triumphs, impressing riders and fans with his formidable skills. While not every bull rider may have welcomed the experience of riding Happy Camper due to his challenging style, several standout talents, including Dakota Buttar, Zane Lambert, and Callum Miller, rose to the occasion, showcasing their courage and determination. These unforgettable encounters have left an indelible mark on the sport, forever embedded in the annals of rodeo history.

A Lifetime of Dedication

As Happy Camper’s time in the arena draws to a close, it’s clear that his legacy will endure for generations to come. The unwavering dedication and passion displayed by his caretakers at Two Bit Bucking Bulls, particularly during his East coast tour, exemplify the profound love and respect the rodeo community has for these incredible animals. Furthermore, the commitment to preserving Happy Camper’s remarkable lineage through his offspring offers a heartwarming glimpse of the future for this iconic bloodline.

The Legacy Lives On

While Happy Camper’s final moments in the spotlight approach, his story is far from over. As he enters the next chapter of his life in retirement, there is no doubt that his incredible bloodlines and indomitable spirit will leave an enduring legacy within the Canadian bucking bull breeding community. The promise of new beginnings and continued excellence is a testament to the unwavering commitment and reverence the rodeo community holds for these celebrated animals.

As we bid farewell to Happy Camper, we honor his legacy as a true icon of the sport and a cherished member of the Two Bit Bucking Bulls family. His incredible journey will forever inspire and remind us of the enduring bond between man and animal, leaving an irreplaceable mark on the rodeo world. His story is a testament to the power of dedication, love, and the incredible impact these remarkable animals have on the lives of so many.”


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