Gospel singer Bobbi Storm nearly kicked off Delta flight for her continuous singing



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But this latest one isn’t the same old song and dance a woman arguing with a flight attendant because she wouldn’t stop singing she happens to be a Grammy nominated gospel singer but does that make it right the post from Bobby storm starts with the singer being told to return to

Her seat it’s clear the flight attendant isn’t happy but the woman continues to plead her case and then we learn it’s not her first time why is this thing on planes long time ago I just found out I’m up for two gramys my very first time

You guys the line win the crowd and you will win your freedom from the movie Gladiator doesn’t seem to apply to air travel despite the Clapping the flight lead comes back to confront the singer what do you guys think I’m asking you ma’am I’m asking

You guys what do you guys think okay if you’re not able be to follow my instruction you will not be taking this flight ah able to be quiet if that’s the case then that’s fine seemingly satisfied the Delta flight attendant leaves undeterred storm continues singing from her

Seat in a follow-up video the singer says the airline reached out to her about the incident and apologized storm said she doesn’t want the flight attendant fired but she did have this message for him I just hope that if he watches this he’s able to learn a

Valuable lesson on how to treat other people but I just want to say you guys can stop reaching out to Delta they have apologized from the angle of the video there were a number of people on the plane enjoying Bobby storm song but it’s not clear everyone on board was a number

Of people commented on her social media post that she was in the wrong one pointing out a plane is not a stage all right here’s the question we’ve been putting to you all day on Twitter who was right in this case the flight attendant or the singer overwhelmingly 95.1% of you say the

Flight attendant was 4.9% of you believe that the singer was in the right let’s bringing back Kate and Ki car you start us off on this one who do you think was right in this case I am with the 95.1% of those who voted in this poll

You know it would been a treat for a little bit perhaps but this is why I fly with noise cancelling headphones so whether it’s singers or babies or any noise between those two extremes I don’t need to hear them and for those who don’t have it they have a

Right to have a relatively Quiet Flight and that’s the general expectation I think you know the job of a flight attendant is extremely difficult to to begin with and only more so dealing with cranky passengers cramped in increasingly shrinking economy seats and you know now you have to pay

For water now you have to pay for this and people generally aren’t happy traveling in the way they were say 20 years ago so you know I personally try to do whatever I can to make their lives easier when I travel because I recognize

How hard it is and so you know if I was a Grammy nominated singer and I was told to maybe you know Take a Bow I would listen to the flight attendant it’s interesting Kate because in the video she says she does it often this type of singing on a plane um you

Sort of wonder which flights and why we haven’t heard that heard her before do you think that it makes sense and the fact that there are some people that were on the flight that actually enjoyed it no you know what I’m I’m 100% with Ki

And with all of the voters there I mean I tend to travel a lot and I’m with you when it comes to I want my peace I also have the noise cancelling headphones and you know what I don’t like about all this from a PR standpoint is that she

Was calling out Delta and that she was calling out the flight attendant and it is an extremely difficult job to do and everybody kind of knows the expectations when you do go onto a flight and not to mention a lot of them are delayed these

Days so yeah there are a lot of very unhappy Travelers and frankly when I’m sitting down to go on a flight I don’t want to be talked to really by anyone I don’t want to be preached at I don’t really want to hear anything I mean babies you understand I’m a mom I

Traveled with kids it is what it is but someone attention seeking like that and then a major airline taking the backlash and having to apologize which I understand from a PR standpoint I still don’t think it’s right and you know the comm’s team I feel for them because

They’re going are you kidding me we have to probably I don’t know but I would assume they’re thinking we have to what are we apologizing for um and and also this is where you can also get other people riled up the last thing you want

Is to get other people on a flight upset in these poor flight attendants having now having to deal with that when it really is just all about safety and making it from point A to point B keeping everybody calm and you know I think it was it was very disrespectful

How she reacted and you know I was a little bit disgusted by it and it would have taken a lot out of me had I been on that plane not to say to her enough’s enough um but then again that’s what can start these issues on planes so no it

Was in poor taste I mean it got her the attention she wanted yeah we’re talking about it it’s it’s frustrating and it’s theob of a flight attendant is so hard it’s something Kate and I andbody who Tred a lot knows that very well now imagine Delta’s tens of thousands of

Flight attendants knowing that their corporate overlords how to apologize for a flight attendant literally doing nothing wrong he was doing standard operating procedure and it it’s frustrating I think of it from a labor relations perspective I imagine the union representing this gentleman likely have brought it up with management

Saying why are you apologizing this is literally the training that you provide us to try and get people to a stay in their seats you might remember the safety messages at the beginning of each flight you’re supposed to stay in your seat for the whole flight generally

Right not be walking around for the sake of walking around putting on a performance so it’s I I think it was a bad move on Delta’s part to apologize they should have stood up for their workers and the fact is uh you know now it’s we’re talking about Delta being in

The wrong and it seems online people are backing this flight attendant which is nice to see yeah I agree yeah and and and just before we play a little more of the song because I don’t know that we got to enough of in there I’m gonna make

A quick mental note while we are playing that song or a note on my iPad here uh not to travel with the two of you because you just don’t like being bothered by anybody it seems I like talking on a plane I don’t know all right let’s listen to more of her

Singing for a second mind and soul I I mean Kate she’s not bad and she’s nominated for a Grammy and she you know had basically pulled her surroundings and said hey you guys want to hear me right I mean was that is that a good

Call on her did she did she pull her surroundings she said that’s what she said come on she she absolutely did not that was full-blown attention seeking maybe the person you know in front of her had no choice so she’s smiling also noticing that there’s a camera being

Pulled out um I I still just disagree with it I mean it’s it was just in poor taste so you’re right I don’t want to be bothered when I’m on a plane so if do see me a friendly smile is enough outside of that you know I’ll mind my

Business w a walk P exactly a wave and a walk past certainly not certainly not going to send over extra extra pretzels for you guys uh when you when you consider I don’t think it’ll make a difference though when it comes to whether she’s gonna win or

Not yeah look I mean probably probably not but she’s on the map now right car Cari yeah look this is a great PR stunt and and congratulations it’s very difficult to get a Grammy nomination and that’s an important feat um the one other thing that I was going to add on

This was generally flight attendants don’t get involved in these types of things unless somebody has complained and you know that’s the part that on the part of the airline they wouldn’t NE they wouldn’t necessarily admit that because that’s a privacy thing so you know there’s a lot that we don’t know

About what actually happened on the flight all we are going off of is a couple of stets of social media video that’s true that’s true and and let’s hope for now that we can just put this one to rest

Mike Le Couteur, Kari Vierimaa and Kate Carnegie debate whether a woman should have been told to stop singing on a flight.

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