Global National: Nov. 15, 2023 | Israel says it found Hamas weapons inside Al-Shifa hospital


On this Wednesday night Israeli troops raid gaza’s largest Hospital medical staff scramble to protect patients what Israel claims it’s found and what gaza’s critical shortage of fuel means for Aid workers plus the sharp response from Israel’s prime minister to Justin trudo’s call to exercise maximum restraint a mission to make amends the

High stake Summit between the presidents of the US and China and their goal goes beyond winning the soccer fans trying to reclaim the beautiful game plus foul conclusion how a barfing bird was just voted bird of the century global national with Donna freezen good evening and thanks for

Joining us Israel warned it would Target gaza’s largest hospital and 3 hours before Dawn its soldiers swept in in what it calls a precise and targeted Mission the Israeli Army released this video its tanks rolling towards Al shifa Hospital in the darkness that hospital is full of patients and medical staff

Scrambled to move them to safety staff say dozens of soldiers roam through the emergency department and intensive care ordering men between the ages of 16 and 40 to leave the building military equipment there is a an AK-47 there are cartridges am ammo are the IDF also released this video

Which it says proves Hamas is using the hospital as a terror headquarters we can’t verify the video Israeli authorities have long claimed Hamas operates its Command Center under Al shifa Hospital staff say they have no knowledge of that details of what exactly happened inside the hospital are limited the World Health Organization

Says at one point it lost contact with its Medics inside elifa our coverage begins with Mike Armstrong and a warning some of the pictures are distressing in the chaos of Israeli troops moving in on the shifa medical complex a doctor on the ground says staff was warned to stay away from

Windows as a result it’s hard to tell what’s going on outside but this video released by the Hamas run Health Ministry appears to show the commotion on the inside there is continuous shooting and firing outside the hospital inside we not exactly the staff and volunteers scramble to move the 33 remaining premature babies

To another part of the complex three have already died after power to their incubators went out now the Israeli Defense Force released video it says shows soldiers delivering Aid it says it’s clearing parts of the complex going room to room and that several Hamas Fighters have been killed but the IDF insists while

It’s searching for Hamas and and hostages it also has specialized teams trained to help the IDF forces include medical teams and Arabic speakers who have undergone specified training to prepare for this complex and sensitive environment across the Gaza Strip at a time when there is more need for medical

Services than ever there are fewer and fewer of those services available the World Health Organization says of gaza’s 3500 hospital beds only 1,400 are usable 21 of 35 hospitals have shut down they are going into other buildings the Palestinian prime minister says Israel is waging a war on

Hospitals while the head of un emergency relief says he’s appalled by what’s going on in and around hospitals I understand the Israelis concern for trying to find the leadership of Hamas that’s not our problem now for the first time in weeks Israel allow owed fuel into Gaza a

Single truck moved in from Egypt carrying diesel for the United Nations the UN had said it needed fuel for its Aid delivery trucks otherwise it would have had to shut down its humanitarian operations well the head of Unicef was on the ground in conun Tuesday Katherine Russell says to keep helping the

Organization needs the fuel to keep flowing and it needs a ceasefire so its staff can move around most of the people who work for Unicef in Gaza are from Gaza um and they’re so incredibly courageous but they need to be able to do their work safely now that one truck

Of fuel was about 27,000 lers the UN says it needs more than 10 times that every day just to keep going what it’s seeing right now in Gaza it calls the cascading collapse of essential Services Donna all right Mike Armstrong in Jerusalem thanks there are hostages trapped in Gaza too and their families

Worry they have been forgotten hundreds of relatives are Marching from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem demanding Israel’s prime minister focus more on getting the hostages released more than 200 people were kidnapped during the October 7th raid by Hamas on Southern Israel four have been released one has been rescued

And Israel now confirms one woman a 19-year-old Israeli soldier has been killed prime minister Justin Trudeau is in San Francisco for the Apex Summit and he’s drawn a sharp response from Israel’s prime minister over his assertion that Israel should show maximum restraint in Gaza it’s a topic

That may not be on the agenda of the Apex Summit but it is certain to get discussed David Aken is traveling with the Prime Minister prime minister Justin Trudeau used his sternest language yet asking the government of Israel to prosecute its war against Hamas in a different way

I urge the government of Israel to exercise maximum restraint the killing of Women and Children of babies this has to stop Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tagged Trudeau in a post on social media saying it is Hamas not Israel that should be held accountable for committing a double War crime targeting civilians while

Hiding behind civilians the two men have spoken by phone twice since the October 7th attacks and Canada has has not changed its position that Israel has a right to defend itself from Hamas still Trudeau’s unusually strong language and netanyahu’s response was unique it’s easier to go after uh a political Target

Like Canada we don’t have the same uh material ability to underwrite Israel’s military campaign the way the US does the Canadian government’s position has drawn strong responses fire now Angry protesters made their way into and gather gaed Tuesday night outside a Vancouver restaurant where Trudeau was eating prompting him

To leave because of security concerns his office said then nearly 100 police had to be deployed when another group confronted the PM later in the evening two people were arrested on Wednesday Trudeau headed to San Francisco for the annual Summit of Pacific Nation leaders known as Apec trudu was Keen to push Apec

Countries to tackle the global affordability Challenge and find ways to lower food prices at home this is an important discussion still with a war in the Middle East and in Ukraine Apec leaders may find it difficult to advance trade and economic issues if this very strong and dynamic group of countries

Can find ways to integrate and to grow and prosper then that leaves us all better off this is going to be a quick trip for the Prime Minister just two nights and then back to Ottawa on Friday Donna all right David Aken in San Francisco tonight thanks ahead of the

Summit is a high stakes meeting between the leaders of the world’s two largest economies the American President Joe Biden sat down with China’s president Xi Jinping and she said the two countries turning their backs on each other is not an option Jackson frco on signs of a relaxation in a tense relationship ready

This California Summit comes at a fragile time with two superpowers locked in a tense competition that could easily lead to conflict I think it’s Paramount that you and I understand each other clearly leader to leader with no misconceptions or miscommunication so much has happened since Joe Biden and Xi Jinping last

Shared a room one year ago a Chinese surveillance balloon was shot down over the US she struck up a No Limits partnership with Russia’s Vladimir Putin and US support for Taiwan LED China to sever official military Communications at a time when there’s more Close Encounters than ever between

Their armed for forces still she suggested both countries can coexist if they’re allowed to chart their own paths it is unrealistic for one side to remodel the other and conflict and confrontation has unbearable consequences for both sides the summit May deliver a slight thaw in this otherwise Frosty relationship the two

Biggest polluters on the planet agreed to Triple renewable energy production by 2030 and China says it will better regulate the chemicals used in the production of f enol to help curve the US opioid crisis I think this is more about the Optics of the two leaders trying to kind of reassure their

Countries in the world that um that they’re not on a kind of War footing but War could be a simple miscalculation away especially over Taiwan and the South China Sea where China continues to flex its military muscle at an alarming Pace the White House was quick to T down

Hope for a major breakthrough suggesting it believes the summit may open the door enough for the US and China to talk through their differences and at the least agree to disagree for China this is in many ways a reassurance tour that will include an audience with top us

Business Leaders at a dinner in California Executives will reportedly pay $40,000 per table for a chance to be in the same room as the leader of the world’s second largest economy Donna Jackson prco in Washington thanks we have an update tonight on a global news investigation that found Canada has

Become a safe haven for hundreds of people connected to the Iranian regime they’re accused of threatening the lives of some Canadians here yesterday Global’s [ __ ] mahedi pressed the Prime Minister for answers Nar Donna the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps or irgc is a powerful paramilitary organization responsible for a lot of

The human rights violations in Iran I asked the Prime Minister how he planned to hold them accountable prime minister will you commit to listing the irgc as a terrorist entity we continue to watch and make sure that we’re able to do everything we can that is responsible

Against the impact of the irgc with all due respect uh prime minister the people who spoke to us you know they said that they risked their lives just to speak to us and they are desperate for a direct answer from you could you please answer my question will you list the irgc or

Commit to listing the irgc as a terrorist entity yes or no we will continue to do everything necessary both to hold that regime to account to limit its impact around the world and to protect Canadians regrettably he never has an answer the irgc shot down Ukraine International Airlines flight 752 in

2020 killing all 176 people on board including 55 Canadian citizens and 30 permanent residents this lawyer says the prime minister resorted to well-worn talking points it’s really a mystery as to what else the IR rgc needs to do to be listed as a terror group The irgc has

A documented record of killing Canadians and killing people of other nationalities besides you know the repression at home when we press for a simple yes or no on designating the irgc a terrorist entity my mic was turned off and I was politely told by Trudeau’s

Team that my time was up Donna all right Nar mosti thank you a Manitoba man killed in Ukraine coming up why he volunteered to fight Russian forces the world’s Focus may have shifted from the war in Ukraine but 21 months after it started Russia is still on the attack

Ukrainian troops say they’ve now secured a foothold on the Eastern Bank of the Deno river that would be a significant Advance opening a new route to Crimea Ukraine’s President Vladimir zalinski says his soldiers are 70% of the way there but Russia is not letting up at least two more people were killed

Today when a missile smashed into this apartment Block in an eastern city Crews raced to clear the debris and search for survivors Russia has denied it is targeting civilians among those joining Ukraine’s fight against Russia are foreign Nationals including some Canadians tonight a northern Manitoba first nation is mourning the loss of a

Crean who died fighting there Melissa Rin spoke to his sister about his life and death on a battlefield abroad Austin llin bercier had an adventurer spirit and humanitarian Soul he was always like a community person like he always liked going out like volunteering he was in the Canadian Armed Forces

Bolded Eagles as a teen a summer training program for indigenous youth from western Canada and Northwestern Ontario with plans to join the Infantry but while Laughlin burer was traveling abroad in 2022 Russia invaded Ukraine he felt he couldn’t just stand by while a sovereign country was attacked by an authoritarian regime he

Flew to Poland then crossed into Ukraine to join the fight I think mainly he went there because he seen like on the news of how many innocent women and children were being killed and for him like he’s always been protected of a women children and even like those who

Couldn’t defend themselves or can’t defend themselves he kept loved ones updated with texts and social media posts his words to his mom all good here two days later on Remembrance Day the worst news my mom called me and let me know that he was gone Manitoba Premier wob Cano is among

The many calling the 25-year-old a hero a pasque creation says he will be honored as one I’m sure it’s going to be a big event not just from this community but people the the armed services community and probably the Ukrainian Community Laughin bier’s family is coordinating with the Canadian government for his

Remains to return home to be buried next to his grandmother Melissa ring Global News Winnipeg the UK’s plan to send migrants to Rwanda rejected ahead what the British PM plans to do Now parts of Eastern and northern France are under a state of emergency tonight widespread flooding has forced thousands from their homes heavy rains have also severely damaged roads meteorologists say things are improving slightly now in northern France but more rain is expected in the coming days the UK’s

Highest court has ruled a government plan to ship some Asylum Seekers to Rwanda is unlawful the plan was intended to deter migrants from crossing the English Channel in small boats a dangerous Journey that’s led to hundreds of deaths Britain’s prime minister though is still vowing plain loads of

Migrants will leave leave for Rwanda as planned in the spring our Europe bureau chief Crystal ganing Reports on how he plans to do that the rule of law is fundamental to our democracy to stay within the rule of law and stop the boats as his Podium says Rishi sunak will introduce new legislation

Addressing he says the high Court’s findings that Asylum Seekers sent from the UK to Rwanda could be wrongly returned to the country in which they were fleeing asking ourselves whether there were substantial grounds for believing that a real risk of Reform and existed at the relevant time we have concluded that there

Were the conservatives Inked a deal with Rwanda last year to fulfill a pledge to stop illegal migration Minister following the Supreme Court’s ruling the Prime Minister announced a new treaty with Rwanda was in the works guaranteeing in law those relocated from the of the UK to the east African nation

Will be protected from being removed from Rwanda and the UK will bring back anyone if a court mandates it plus emergency legislation to confirm the new treaty stating the UK deems Rwanda as safe citing a track record of serious human rights violations Amnesty International issued a statement labeling the Rwanda plan illc conceived

And cruel saying the government should make policies which fit with the law not fit the law around their policies it’s really important I think to bear in mind that stopping the votes is just never going to happen the government maintains the policy is a deterrent and that flights will depart this spring the

European Court of Human Rights could still challenge the UK’s reanda policy Ed Home Secretary Su braan had previously suggested the UK cut ties with the court the prime minister is now warning it not to get involved saying if pressed he is willing to revisit International relationships Crystal ganing Global News

London more than a game next soccer fans trying to rebuild the sports Culture a vote in New Zealand is ruffling some feathers thanks to a global campaign started by a comedian the P te techie has been crowned bird of the century it’s also known as the australasian crested greeve it caught the attention of John Oliver who said what’s not to love about the weird

Puking bird with a colorful mullet so he put up Billboards around the world exploiting a loophole in the contest that allows anybody with a valid email address to vote more than 350,000 people from 195 countries did that’s over six times the previous record and the PO Tech techie won in in

A landslide only about 3,000 of the birds are believed to exist in the wild and just a few more fun facts they eat their own feathers to induce vomiting as a way of expelling parasites there you go and its song is a chorus of grunts growls and Barks what’s not to love

Professional soccer players aim to be the best in the world and the greatest scorers make hundreds of millions a year now a group of soccer fans in England has decided to go back to the basics of the beautiful game they pitch in to rebuild their favorite local team and as

Redmond Shannon explains they did it according to their own values in the heart of Cockney East London is the city’s modern Olympic Stadium home of billion dooll Premier League soccer team West Ham United just 2 miles away is London’s oldest senior soccer field the old spotted dog ground home of

Clapton Community FC both are part of England’s vast pyramid of connected leagues but the ways they run are a million miles apart when these big teams and the fans say oh we won I said no no no they they won you watched when we win

We do win because we own the club we have ownership make that 1,600 co-owners part of a small but growing movement among soccer fans who want their game back after a split with the previous team owner over ticket prices these fans reformed the historic Club putting Community into its name entry is now

About $7 concessions work on a trust-based system the whole project part financed by a unique shirt design that unexpectedly went viral in Spain it was a shirt that was in the colors of the second Spanish Republic the shirt is in homage to the international brigades who came from across the globe to

Support the war against Fascism and we sold in one day 148,000 worth of sales and shirts yes this is a step seven Club but we sold that many in just one day the new club started women’s teams for the first time giving them equal funding to men and campaigning for better female prize

Money it also has Open Access teams for people of all of abilities it’s not about showing your skills it’s more about Community being together encouraging each other being really supportive and we all learning together bucking the hooligan stereotype the team welcomes refugees and trans players and has zero tolerance on hate speech yeah

Just like a much more inclusive way to go and see football and it’s a nice sort of antithesis to what the sort of the the high levels of football have become winning or losing is secondary to a sense of community and for many it’s even a sense of family Redmond Channon Global News

London and that is global national for this Wednesday I’m Donna freezen tonight’s your Canada is leech’s Creek on Cape Britton Island Nova Scotia we’d love to see your Canada especially wintry photos as it is mid November please email them to viewers at and thanks for watching hope

To see you here again tomorrow bye-bye

Israel says it has completed a “precise and targeted” mission inside the Gaza Strip’s largest hospital, Al-Shifa, where Israeli authorities claim Hamas militants are operating a command centre. Mike Armstrong looks at what Israel claims it has found inside the facility, the criticism from the United Nations and what a critical shortage of fuel could mean for aid workers in Gaza.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is in San Francisco for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit. But that’s being overshadowed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s fiery response to Trudeau, who called on Israel to “exercise maximum restraint” in Gaza. David Akin reports on what exactly each leader said, how pro-Palestine protesters disrupted Trudeau’s night in Vancouver and what’s on the agenda at the APEC summit.

U.S. President Joe Biden has met face-to-face with his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, for the first time in a year, in an attempt to thaw their countries’ frosty relationship. Jackson Proskow looks at the signs of the two global superpowers are now on better terms.

Canadians are calling for the federal government to designate the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist entity in the wake of a Global News report that revealed the extent of the Islamic republic’s interference in Canada. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, however, has not given a straightforward answer. Negar Mojtahedi has the latest.

Austin Lathlin-Bercier, a member of Opaskwayak Cree Nation in northern Manitoba, has died defending Ukraine against Russia. Melissa Ridgen speaks with Lathlin-Bercier’s sister about how he was a “community person,” his death on the battlefield and how he will be honoured by his community.

The U.K.’s Supreme Court has blocked the government’s plan to ship some asylum seekers to Rwanda, ruling the scheme intended to deter migrants from crossing the English Channel in small boats as unlawful. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is still vowing to proceed with the plan anyway and Crystal Goomansingh explains how he intends to do that.

With the professional soccer industry worth tens of billions of dollars, a group of soccer fans in England is trying to reshape the sport’s culture by creating its own team with strong values. Redmond Shannon checks out a Clapton Community FC match and explains how the group has reclaimed the beautiful game.

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  1. 1:39 Thank you for saying that you can't verify the video. We all know Israel is lying. They are not showing H@MAS men, only clothes and weapons, which is laughable.

  2. Article 19 of the Geneva conventions:

    The protection to which civilian hospitals are entitled shall not cease unless they are used to commit, outside their humanitarian duties, acts harmful to the enemy. Protection may, however, cease only after due warning has been given, naming, in all appropriate cases, a reasonable time limit, and after such warning has remained unheeded.

    The fact that sick or wounded members of the armed forces are nursed in these hospitals, or the presence of small arms and ammunition taken from such combatants and not yet handed to the proper service, shall not be considered to be acts harmful to the enemy. <= The important part.

    So what you found an AK and equipment? Where is the command centre? Where are the tunnels? You searched the whole hospital and found a few small arms and ammunition? Where are the rockets?

    Israel's got less evidence than Bush had about WMD's in Iraq.

  3. What a sad joke to question the most moral and transparent army in the world- so clear on the pro-Hamas take of Global National and Trudeau. Pathetic reporting.

  4. I'm no fan of Justin Trudeau but to be fair, what is the purpose of harassing the man outside of his office hours? It's not like he is in charge of the IDF. I'm sure he wants to see less civilian casualties too but like they said, there's very little if anything his administration can do about that.

  5. Mr. Netanyahu is correct "Israel should not be held accountable for committing a double war crime". David has become Goliath and has lost his moral compass. It looks like as long as Israel is "Not Deliberately" killing Palestinian civilians, they are not involved in war crimes. I think the Palestinians would have preferred Israel to "Deliberate" and "Discriminatley" bomb and kill 1500 Palestinians than "Not Deliberate" and "Indiscriminately" killing over 11000 Palestinians. But again, the problem is that if they did that, it would be a war crime. Who wants to speak words, when it justifies the killing of over 4000 children.


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