Gaza fuel supply “restricted” by Israel for aid transportation only, is needed for hospitals: WHO



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Gaza telecommunications providers have said that without fuel or electricity their networks will turn off in the coming hours earlier today a truck with 23,000 liters of fuel entered Gaza but Israel has restricted its use to only transporting aid from Rafa at least 120,000 lit a day are needed to operate Hospital generators ambulances

Desalination plants Seaway treatment plants and Telecommunications this problem can be easily fixed the supply of electricity must be restored and sufficient fuel must be allowed to enter to run vital infrastructure and distribute life-saving Aid and so for as long as these other items these other conditions

Are not met even if we bring in as many trucks um with medical supplies it will never be sufficient to actually meet the health needs of the population in Gaza

On Wednesday, a truck with 23,000 litres of fuel entered Gaza through the Rafah crossing, becoming the region’s first supply of fuel since the Israel-Hamas conflict began on Oct. 7.

According to World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adrhanom Ghebreyesus, however, Israel has restricted the use of the much-needed fuel to “only transporting aid from Rafah.”

Ghebreyesus says at least “120,000 liters a day are needed to operate hospitals, generators, ambulances, desalination plants, sewage treatment plants and telecommunications.”

Triggered by an unprecedented attack on Israel by Palestinian Hamas militants, Israel began its full-scale military attack on the Gaza Strip five weeks ago and has killed tens of thousands of Palestinians since — destroying many of their resources, too, along the way.

Without the fueling requirements of health care facilities, telecommunications institutions, and other major infrastructures being met, Dr. Teresa Zakaria — Health Emergency Officer for the WHO — suggests that transports passing through the Rafah crossing with other necessary supplies “will never be sufficient to actually meet the health needs of the population in Gaza.”

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  1. The Americans are responsible for restricting fuel supply to millions of Europeans by blowing up the Nordstream pipeline, and the WHO said nothing. Also the massive ecological mess the pipeline explosion created was hardly mentioned because of the country that was responsible for it.

  2. Isreal only restricts because Hamas is evil. Everyone with any wisdom already sees this to be true.

    Why is this being reported GlobalTV?

    What is the point of posting this terrorist propoganda?

    Are clicks worth your soul?

  3. The UN will absolutely give this fuel to Hamas. The UN admitted they worked with Hamas and allowed UN schools to be used by Hamas as munition depots – a war crime. The UN can't be trusted they are working with the terrorists.

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