Gantz communicates with Trudeau following Canada PM’s plea for Israel to halt Gaza baby killings

Canada's Trudeau: Israel must stop 'this killing of women, children, babies' in Gaza

“Israel’s Defense Minister, Benny Gantz, recently engaged in a conversation with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to brief him on the IDF’s campaign in Gaza. The discussion took place amidst growing concerns over Palestinian civilian casualties caused by the ongoing military operation. Trudeau had previously urged Israel to halt the killing of innocent civilians in the region, sparking a heated debate over the moral implications of the conflict.

Gantz, a key member of Israel’s war cabinet, emphasized Hamas’s use of Gazan residents as human shields and stressed the importance of the military operation for ensuring Israel’s security. He highlighted the brutal tactics employed by the terror group, which includes holding babies hostage and preventing residents from seeking refuge in safe areas. Gantz made it clear that the IDF’s campaign was aimed at changing the harsh realities in the region, and safeguarding Israeli civilians from further harm.

In response, Trudeau acknowledged his longstanding support for Israel’s right to defend itself and called for the immediate release of hostages. He also emphasized the need for humanitarian aid to Gaza’s residents, expressing hope for a better future for the region. Additionally, Gantz and Trudeau discussed the alarming rise in global antisemitism and their shared responsibility to combat this disturbing trend.

The conversation between Gantz and Trudeau reveals the complex and multifaceted nature of the Israel-Palestine conflict. It prompts questions about the moral and ethical considerations surrounding the use of military force, the protection of civilian lives, and the broader implications of geopolitical tensions in the region. As the international community grapples with these complex issues, finding a sustainable solution that ensures peace and stability for both Israelis and Palestinians remains a formidable challenge.”



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