Former grand chief Dumas fights back with counter-lawsuit, denies sexual assault allegations – Winnipeg

Former grand chief Dumas files counter-lawsuit, denies sexual assault allegations against him - Winnipeg

“Former Grand Chief Arlen Dumas of Manitoba is fighting back after a former female colleague accused him of sexual assault, leading to his removal from the position. Dumas is filing a counter-lawsuit against the woman, denying the allegations and defending his reputation. The legal battle has polarized opinions, and both sides have fervently asserted their claims.

Allegations and Lawsuit

The case began after a former co-worker sued Dumas, claiming that he had sexually assaulted her multiple times, causing her significant emotional distress. Dumas lost his position as AMC Grand Chief in August 2022 due to the allegations. However, Dumas has vehemently denied the accusations, labeling them as defamatory, untrue, and malicious, expressing that they have severely damaged his reputation. He went further to state that the claims have deprived him of business opportunities and subjected him to public humiliation.

The Lawsuit Details

According to court documents, the lawsuit alleges that Dumas committed acts of sexual battery, including rape, against the former colleague on numerous occasions. It further claimed that Dumas created a hostile work environment by making inappropriate remarks, sending lewd text messages, and making unwelcome advancements towards the plaintiff. One specific incident in the lawsuit detailed an instance where the plaintiff had too much to drink and found herself waking up in Dumas’s bed with no memory of the previous night, alleging that she was forcefully sexually penetrated by Dumas in that state.

Closure of the Matter

Due to the sensitive nature of the allegations, much public attention has gravitated towards this case, evoking widespread discourse and raising crucial questions about accountability, respect, and transparency in professional environments. As the legal battle continues, it is paramount to recognize the complexity of such cases and strive to promote an environment where all individuals feel safe to share their experiences without fear of retaliation or disbelief. The case serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining a fair and just workplace that upholds the utmost respect for all individuals.”



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