Farmers fed up with senators’ filibuster blocking Conservative carbon tax exemption

Farmers frustrated by senators’ filibuster of Conservative carbon tax exemption


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The Canadian Parliament is facing stalled legislation as they try to decide the fate of Bill C-234, a potentially impactful bill for the agricultural community. It promises relief from carbon tax on several crucial farm expenditures. It’s a crucial issue that has divided the Senate and the ruling and opposition parties in the House of Commons.

Roadblocks and Frustration

This legislation is being debated at length because it holds great promise for the agricultural industry. It opened discussions in February 2020 thanks to Conservative MP Philip Lawrence, managing to reach the House of Commons a year later, in March 2021. Unfortunately, the legislation is now stuck in the Senate due, to a controversial move by “Independent” Senator Bernadette Clement. This has left the farming community in a state of uncomfortable limbo until the Senate reconvenes.

The Carbon Tax Debate

The bill, widely known as C-234, proposes to free farmers from the carbon tax on gas and propane used in farming facilities, such as grain drying and climate control. Some estimate that this exemption could potentially save farmers up to $1 billion by 2030.

Farmers claim they have been burdened by the carbon tax, emphasizing that they have no other alternatives for energy in their line of work. They stress that, despite contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gasses, this has gone largely ignored.

Rallying Support and The Path Ahead

A leading voice in the Conservative party, Pierre Poilievre, announced the start of a campaign to push for public support and recognition of the bill. This initiative aims to put pressure on the Liberal government and the senators to get the bill moving forward. He also encouraged Canadians to make their voices heard and demand the bill’s passage from their Liberal MPs and senators.


The delay of this crucial bill exemplifies the struggles and politics that the agricultural community has to endure. The future remains uncertain, but the weight of this issue cannot be overstated. The coming weeks will determine if this vital bill will come to fruition and offer a sigh of relief for many hardworking farmers in Canada.


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