Cree Canadian killed fighting for Ukraine remembered as “hero”



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Austin llin bercier had an adventurer spirit and humanitarian Soul he was always like a community person like he always liked going out like volunteering he was in the Canadian Armed Forces bolded Eagles as a teen a summer training program for indigenous youth from western Canada and Northwestern Ontario with plans to join the

Infantry but while Laughlin berer was traveling abroad in 2022 Russia invaded Ukraine he felt he couldn’t just stand by while a sovereign country was attacked by an authoritarian regime he flew to Poland then crossed into Ukraine to join the fight I think mainly he went there because he seen like on the news

Of how many innocent women and children were being killed and for him like he’s always been protected of a women children and even like those who couldn’t defend themselves or can’t defend themselves he kept loved ones updated with texts and social media posts his final words to his mom all

Good here two days later on Remembrance Day the worst news my mom called me and let me know that he was gone Manitoba Premier wob canoe is among the many calling the 25-year-old a hero a pasque out creation says he will be honored as one I’m sure it’s going to be

A big event not just from this community but people the armed services community and probably the Ukrainian Community Laughin bier’s family is coordinating with the Canadian government for his remains to return home to be buried next to his grandmother Melissa Rin Global News Winnipeg

Austin Lathlin-Bercier, a member of Opaskwayak Cree Nation in northern Manitoba, has died defending Ukraine against Russia.

Those who knew him say he was always the first to help someone in need and was part of the Canadian Armed Forces’ Bold Eagle training program for Indigenous youth.

Melissa Ridgen speaks with Lathlin-Bercier’s sister about his death on the battlefield and how he will be honoured by his community.

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  1. Died fighting in a war that did not have anything to do with him, he fought for his leader trudolf and herr freeland, this two laundering 9.5 billion dollars and counting given to the Ukraine regime meanwhile us natives in Canada don't even have drinking water in our reserves, what can you say

  2. The United Conservative Party which makes up the Alberta Government, Alberta, Canada, is bringing Tucker Carlson to Calgary, Alberta to share a stage. They are allowing this avowed Putinist to spread his propaganda, and give it the backing of the Government of Alberta. There are many Ukrainians in Alberta. Demand that they do their part for Ukraine and that they call for Daniel Smith's resignation. SPEAK OUT! Shame Premier Daniel Smith, and shame Alberta!

  3. I'm a christian and believer in the Lord God Jesus Christ, and Im praying for his family and loved ones who need to know Jesus Christ can consoul their hearts, heal them and wants to bless them. May He give you peace in the name of Jesus.

  4. Mental illness is a serious problem in this country. Family is there for a reason they supposed getting him a mental health treatment before he was killed for something hasn’t to do anything with him or his country. He got killed for USA cause 😢😢😢

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