Comedian Kevin Hart to be honored with prestigious Mark Twain Prize for humor

Kevin Hart to receive Mark Twain prize for humour


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Comedian Kevin Hart Honored with Mark Twain Prize

“Dreams really do come true,” Kevin Hart wrote on his Instagram account after being chosen to receive the Kennedy Center’s Mark Twain prize for lifetime achievement in American humour. This recognition is a capstone on his three-decade career, starting from the open mics of Philadelphia and rising to become one of his generation’s most successful performers.

Early Days of Grit and Determination

Hart’s career began with grit and determination, performing in his native Philadelphia under the name of Lil Kev. His early days were marked by brutal failures and being booed off the stage multiple times and even having a piece of chicken thrown at him. Despite these challenges, Hart honed a signature style that combined his diminutive stature, expressive face, and motormouth delivery – characteristics that led to his success as a widely acclaimed touring act.

From Open Mic to Box Office Success

Hart’s journey took him from the open mics of Philadelphia to appear in mainstream hits such as The 40-Year-Old-Virgin. His films have achieved immense success, with 11 of them opening at No. 1 at the box office, and grossing more than $4.23 billion US in global revenue.

Gratitude and Celebration

The Kennedy Center’s president, Deborah F. Rutter, expressed her gratitude to Kevin Hart for enriching American culture and looks forward to celebrating his exceptional career. Hart is set to receive his prize at the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts on March 24th, and the ceremony will be later broadcast to be determined.

The Mark Twain Prize Tradition

The Mark Twain Prize for American Humor annually honors performers who have made a lasting impact on humor and culture. The award recipients are honored with testimonials and video tributes, often featuring previous award winners.

Provocative Closure and Thought-Provoking Observations

The Mark Twain Prize has recognized some of the most remarkable comedians in American history. Recipients have included past legends such as Richard Pryor and George Carlin as well as contemporary giants like Whoopi Goldberg and Dave Chappelle. This prestigious award is a celebration of the impact that humor and comedy have had on American culture.

In conclusion, Kevin Hart’s journey from the open mics of Philadelphia to receiving the Mark Twain prize is a testament to his unyielding determination, resilience, and exceptional talent. As he receives this prestigious accolade, it is a moment to reflect on the importance of humor in society and the enduring impact of comedians on shaping culture and social commentary.


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