Canada to hold Iran’s IRGC accountable following calls to list regime as a terrorist group: Trudeau



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How big is the problem of Iranian regime Affiliates operating in Canada the answer as we uncovered this weekend on Global’s current affairs program the new reality was shocking we have about 700 names right now 700 we still counting so it’s going to be closer to a th the news

We broke has a lot of people demanding when will Canada designate the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps as a terrorist entity just like the US did in 2019 we put that question to prime minister Justin Trudeau prime minister will you commit to listing the irgc as a terrorist entity we continue to watch

And make sure that we’re able to do everything we can that is responsible against the impact of the irgc with all due respect uh prime minister the people who spoke to us you know they said that they risked their lives just to speak to us and they are desperate for a direct

Answer from you as you know the irgc is complicit in the killing of at least 55 Canadians and the Downing of flight 752 um could you please answer my question will you list the irgc or commit to listing the irgc as a terrorist entity

Yes or no if I have said many many times the Iranian regime responsible for the shooting down of ps752 killing of its own citizens and killing of Canadian citizens it’s sponsorship of Terror around the world means that we will continue to do everything necessary both to hold that regime to account to limit

Its impact around the world and to protect Canadians so you asked a straightforward question we’re not getting a straightforward answer we went back to the BC lawyer investigating and documenting the list of regime Affiliates living freely in this country if you don’t want to do it you know give

Us a good reason the lack of transparency and straightforwardness on this straightforward issue um of course it’s upsetting uh and it’s definitely not something I want to see in Canadian politics our investigation has a lot of people talking but for those dissidents who speak up and risk their lives to do

So they just want an answer neosi Global News

Canadians are calling for the federal government to designate the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist entity, in the wake of an exclusive Global News report which revealed the extent of the Islamic republic’s interference in Canada and that hundreds of regime insiders live in the country.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, however, has not given a straightforward answer.

As Global’s Negar Mojtahedi said to the Liberal leader during a press conference, the IRGC is complicit in killing at least 55 Canadians in the downing of Flight PS752 back in Jan. 2020.

Faced with that reminder and asked directly if he will list the IRGC as a terrorist organization — much like the U.S. did in 2020 — Trudeau said that “We will continue to do everything necessary, to hold that regime to account, to limit its impact around the world, and to protect Canadians.”

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  1. Our own government is not held accountable for their behavior; what makes you think they are up to holding anyone else accountable for anything? People without a moral compass, trying to claim the moral high ground? Laughable

  2. I was in political jail in Iran as Canadian they didn't told RCMP about me stupid people inside jail was having connection to USA and Canada 😢I was I holding hostage in Tehran in 2013 they was takes me to interrogation jail 4 times Canada advertising christianity creating zombies giving moneys to jewish and bahaei hackers hacking internet 😂 don't trust Canada

  3. 1) Russia
    2) China
    3) Saudi Arabia
    4) India
    5) Israel
    6) Iran

    These are all the countries that need to respect ‘rule of law and Canada’s freedom of speech.’

  4. Do you recall that Iranian woman who lied about her identity to get Canadian citizenship, and then became an MP in the post national Liberal Cabinet in 2015? When they found out about her being Iranian and lying in her citizenship papers, they were like "oh well let's just let this woman take an important position in our government" and… she is still a member of the Privy Council… It was under her watch that the ministry of Women and Gender Equality was created, changing the definition of woman to include men, subverting the security of the person of women in Canada, which has had numerous ramifications. That ministry is also why parents are being taken to court for refusing to call their kids by their opposite gender. She got outed in the last election, thank God, but she's still there nested into the privy council like a tick. Like the whole post national criminal regime is. You literally can't vote them out because the Privy Council is the permanent government.

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