British PM Sunak says emergency law ensures legal action can’t delay migrant flights to Rwanda



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So let me tell everybody now I will not allow a foreign Court to block these flights if the Strasburg Court chooses to intervene against the expressed wishes of parliament I am prepared to do what is necessary to get flights off I will not take the easy way out because I

Fundamentally do not believe that anyone thinks the founding aims of the European convention on human rights was to stop a sovereign Parliament removing a legal mind migrants to a country deemed to be safe in parliamentary statute and binding international law and I do not believe that we are alone in that

Interpretation across Europe other governments are following our lead Italy Germany Austria are all exploring models like ours indeed the unhcr operates its own Refugee scheme in Rwanda and unlike the UK they don’t have a treaty for any of this we are a reasonable government and this is a reasonable country but the British

People’s patience can only be stretched so thin and they expect the boats to be stopped that is why I made it one of my five priorities and whatever our critics might say we are making progress because the Rwanda scheme is only one part of our strategy last December the number

Entering the UK illegally in small boats had more than quadrupled in Just 2 years since then this year they are down by a3d even as the numbers entering the rest of Europe have soared with illegal Crossings of the Mediterranean up by 80% we’re ending the farce of taxpayers

Footing the bill to put illegal migrants in hotels with 50 closures announced already returning them to Local communities illegal working rates are up by almost 70% and we have made over 5,000 arrests this year we’ve concluded returns and cooperation agreements with France Bulgaria turkey Italy Georgia and Albania we’ve cut the Legacy initial

Asylum backlog by almost 23s and in total we’ve returned over 20,000 illegal migrants this year the facts are clear this government has done more and delivered more than any government in the Last 5 Years to tackle illegal migration but to fully solve this problem the Rwanda policy is a necessary

Deterrent that’s why it’s important that the Supreme Court has today confirmed that the principle of removing Asylum Seekers to a third safe country is lawful because it means that when we have addressed the Supreme Court’s concerns people will know that if they come here illegally they will not get to

Stay and so they will stop coming Al together that is how we will stop the boats in recent years many people have lost faith in politicians ability to do the things they said they would do they fear that politicians are more interested in grandstanding than delivering for the British people I’ve

Been determined to change that to deliver on the commitments that I make you gave your Home Secretary the heho on Monday the court has shredded your Rwanda plan today it’s a total sham isn’t it Chris if you look at the track record of our policy tackling illegal migration

As I said earlier we’ve done more in the last year to tackle illegal migration and to stop the boats than any government has done in years the numbers of people coming here this year are down by a third the number of illegal migration raids up by 70% new deals with

Half a dozen countries we’ve returned 20,000 people we’ve made thousands of arrests all while the numbers in Europe are getting worse so that actually shows that when I said we would stop the boats when I made that speech in January we are delivering we’re making strong

Progress but in order to finish the job in order to get the job done we need the Rwanda deterrent to work and that is why we’ve been preparing thoroughly carefully for all outcomes today that’s why we’ve already got a treaty that is virtually ready to go which we will

Finalize in light of today’s judgment and that will provide everybody with the assurances they need and indeed the court today made recommendations we will meet all those challenges with our new treaty and then Parliament will have the chance to demonstrate unequivocally that Rwanda is safe for these purposes and in

Compliance with all our obligations so not only have we made great progress this far we will get the job done and that involves the new treaty and new domestic legislation and that will clear the remaining barriers to us getting flights off as planned in the spring of next year

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said on Wednesday his government will introduce emergency legislation that will confirm that Rwanda is a safe country after the Supreme Court ruled that the scheme to send asylum seekers there was unlawful.

Under the scheme, the U.K. intended to send tens of thousands of asylum seekers who arrived on its shores without permission to the East African country in a bid to deter migrants crossing the Channel from Europe in small boats.

Sunak said his government was already working on a new treaty with Rwanda that would address the points made by the court and, if necessary, he would rewrite domestic legislation.

Sunak said, in a press conference from Downing Street, that he hoped flights deporting migrants to Rwanda would start taking place by the spring.

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