Arrest made in fatal hockey incident of Adam Johnson



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Good evening we begin with the stunning development in the death of former Pittsburgh Penguins hockey player Adam Johnson whose neck was cut by a skate in the UK the on ice incident now a criminal investigation police in England have arrested a man on suspicion of manslaughter ctv’s Adrien gobrial starts us

Off a deadly incident that has prompted strong reaction across the hockey world when you look at the video it doesn’t look like an accident October 28th es skate comes into contact with pro hockey player Adam Johnson’s neck during a game in Sheffield England the former NHL

Player struggled to make it to the bench he was later pronounced dead at hospital a postmortem exam confirmed he died from a fatal neck injury as former teammates and loved ones mour Johnson’s sudden death police in England have been conducting a criminal investigation it was opposing player Matt petgrave skate blade that

Came into contact with Johnson’s neck when pet Graves leg elevated off the ice today South Yorkshire police confirming they arrested a man on suspicion of manslaughter who remains in police custody at this time though investigators didn’t provide a name when you don’t intend to kill someone but you

Engage in an act that is negligent or engage in an act that is reckless that can trigger a charge for manslaughter it hits very very close to home when it’s somebody you know somebody you care about so it’s it’s made it extremely tough Jordan Henry was pet Graves

Teammate for several seasons he’s now struggling to come to terms with the accusations some have made against his former linemate we sat beside each other in the dressing room you know just an easygoing guy um you know fun to be around you know wasn’t ever taking stuff

Too seriously had a great time off the ice the incident has now prompted some of hockey’s biggest stars to lead by example and wear a neck guard even though they’re not mandated by the NHL or many other top tier leagues I made my choice for for my kids and and uh you

Know want to stick around for them so um just trying to decrease um the chance of injury neck guards at the highest level of the game will be front and center at next month’s NHL board of directors meetings though for approval it will need the support of both the league and the Players

Association Heather thanks Adrien

The death of a hockey player who was cut by a skate has now become a criminal investigation.

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