Approximately 250 protesters encircle Vancouver restaurant during Trudeau’s dinner, confirmed by police

Around 250 protesters surrounded Vancouver restaurant where Trudeau was dining: police


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“Prime Minister Trudeau involved in altercation with protesters”

On Tuesday night, an altercation broke out between protesters and Vancouver police outside a restaurant in Chinatown where Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was dining. The incident resulted in an injured officer and the arrest of two men.

Scuffles and Security Concerns

According to Vancouver Police Department Sgt. Steve Addison, approximately 250 protesters surrounded the restaurant, leading to a security concern for law enforcement. The situation escalated as people locked arms and set up barricades, resulting in the deployment of 100 officers to control the crowd. The protest was described as spontaneous, catching the VPD off guard.

In the confrontation, one officer was injured and required hospital treatment after being punched and having her eyes gouged. Police arrested a 27-year-old man in connection to the assault and also detained a 34-year-old man for obstructing police.

Unrest in the Restaurant

Videos posted online show Trudeau leaving a separate restaurant after protesters entered and called for a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war. The prime minister was surrounded by his security detail as he interacted with other diners and the restaurant owner.


As the incident unfolds, it raises questions about the balance between public protests and the security and safety of public officials. Regardless of personal opinions towards politicians, it is important to navigate these situations peacefully and respectfully in order to foster a society where differing perspectives and opinions can be expressed without the threat of violence.


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