APEC 2023: Will Canada be left on the outside looking in?


Well Canada’s agenda is going to face some headwinds over the next few days at this meeting of Pacific Nation leaders and it’s for two reasons first Canada’s terrible relationship right now with India and Canada’s ongoing tense relationship with China and certainly for Pacific Rim countries India and China are much more important than

Canada is uh people will not want to get on the wrong side of India and China and for that reason it’s going to be a little tough for Justin Trudeau to find a lot of friends over the next couple of days his biggest Ally of course is going

To be the host of these meetings and that’s US President Joe Biden and in fact it’s going to be Joe Biden that’s going to make the big headline on Wednesday because he’s going to meet a one-on-one meeting with Chinese president XI jingping it’s the first

Time the two men have met face to face in a year and in fact just the second time in Biden’s presidency that he sat down with President XI they have lots to talk about what’s interesting is China’s been signaling that it wishes to stabilize trade relationships right now

China’s economy is not doing as well as China would like there’s lots of differences that China has with the West including Canada but China is talking about setting those aside those unresolved differences and making sure that trade ties are strong and continue so that’ll be the big headline today

From San Francisco as for uh the prime minister of Canada Justin Trudeau what’s his agenda for these next few days I’ve been covering International Summits like this for nearly two decades I’ve never seen a prime minister from Canada show up and want to talk about

The cost of food back at home but that’s exactly what Justin Trudeau is going to do he wants to talk about supply chain issues whatever he can do whatever uh Pacific gim countries can do to bring down the cost of food at home that is going to be the theme we’ll see if

There’s anything that can be done but Justin Trudeau wants to talk about that with his peers uh Trudeau will start the day off though today ahead of this Summit uh by uh meeting with California governor Gavin Nome uh the two men are political birds of a feather both small

L liberals very much interested in electric vehicle production fighting climate change and so on and sure enough that’s what will be on their agenda when they meet in San francisc later this afternoon it’s a quick visit for the Prime Minister he’s out of the country for just two nights back on Friday David

Aken Global News Ottawa

Canada’s agenda at the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum is expected to face some headwinds over the next couple of days, due to its ongoing tense relationship with India and China, according to experts.

For Pacific Rim countries, India and China are much more important than Canada, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau may not be prioritized at the meeting in San Francisco, Calif.

Trudeau’s biggest ally at these meetings is anticipated to be the U.S. host President Joe Biden, and it will be Biden who makes headlines on Wednesday as he meets with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Global’s David Akin has more.

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  1. APEC is nothing. Justin Trudeau is leading the world in the carbon tax fight. When he will have won the battle, all nations will have to line up and get approval from Justin Trudeau personally to introduce new taxes to their own people

  2. Junior wants to talk about food costs in Canada at an international summit…. maybe China or India can lend him some fruit he can load up on his new plane on the way home. A high-school class president is in charge of our country. Pathetic.

  3. Trudeau has shown he has no gravitas to play with the big boys. Endless platitudes about "all Canadians" don't mean anything on the world stage. Looking forward to President Xi snubbing Trudeau as well.


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