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I realized that when I was a little bit too far deep into the left I realized my own self- sabotage when I was saying that I was fighting for tolerance but I was using very intolerant methods to do so I was shaming people I was even okay

With publicly shaming people at the time I was okay with misrepresenting people maybe even dehumanizing people without even realizing that’s exactly what I’m doing not willing to hear any wild view that was in contradiction with my own imposing my own worldview onto other people leading with self-righteousness so everything that I

Was saying I want Unity diversity equality my behavior was in direct contradiction with those things that’s a perfect example of self-sabotage a for Rebel news in London at the ark conference the push back to the wef I’m here to talk to attendees who you usually wouldn’t have access to

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Little bit too spicy it’ll get me banned off the platform you’ll watch on now follow enjoy did you grow up in London are you a London I did I did I grew up in London from about the AG of 13 so do you recognize London today from when you

Were 13 in what sense recognize London you know look at some of the protests over the weekend in the last few weeks and there’s this weird alliance between and I know I think you’re originally from memory correct me if I’m wrong you identified as someone from the left and

I see this alliance between this farle and these almost Jihadi groups Marching In big numbers and I’m trying to get my head around especially as a Jew What’s happen Happening Here in London that that it’s playing out in a way and if you have any insight from your own

Experience as to what’s happening I actually don’t have any insight specifically on that that’s just my honest truth and I think it’s because it depends who you’re connected to in London and what conversations you’re having and what social groups you’re a part of because for me specifically I’m

A Zimbabwean so naturally I’m around other zimbabweans I know that I’ve been in London for a very long time I’ve been in the UK for 20 years since I was 9 years old but I think sometimes we assume that everyone is having the same experience my experience is very very

Different you know when I’m with my family I’m in Zimbabwe again when I’m with my family we’re not speaking about politics and we’re not overly analyzing things that are happening in different places so I think there are things that are happening right now there’s a level of division that can be felt

Specifically right now but I think for me it feels a little bit difficult because I think there’s the pressure to sort of pick a side and to pick a stance as soon as possible but I think I learned my lesson from 2020 when the very same thing similar thing

But just in a very different way was happening around the George Floyd murder and the protests that were happening with BLM where my own personal Awakening happened where I realized that I was kind of being told that I need to March and Champion for something that I knew

Didn’t feel quite right I had a lot of questions around it and I think from that time period I sort of learned that instead of throwing myself into something let’s say being on the streets right now and marching I need to stand back a little bit and just ask questions

And think wait why am I being forced to take a position in this moment in time and is it right is it true so I think for me right now there’s more questioning than anything but I think again when it comes to London as a whole it simply depends on what conversations

You’re you’re a part of at that moment in time self-sabotage that’s something that you talk a lot about yeah what do people most often do to self-sabotage for me and you can tell me what you think I’m curious to know but it’s when what you say you want and your

Behavior are in direct contradiction so for me perfect example that I can give I realized that when I was a little bit too far deep into the left and by the way I don’t over identify with either side I think I’m in a very free place where I realize that I

Don’t have to force myself to choose everything can be a caseby casee basis it really can it really can that’s a very far right uh answer I know it’s right when coded right but I think for me I realized my own self-sabotage when I was saying that I was fighting for

Tolerance but I was using very intolerant methods to do so I was shaming people I was even okay with publicly shaming people at the time I was okay with misrepresenting people maybe even dehumanizing people without even realizing that’s exactly what I’m doing not willing to hear any wild view

That was in contradiction with my own imposing my own world view onto other people leading with self-righteousness so everything that I was saying I want Unity diversity equality my behavior was in direct contradiction with those things that’s a perfect example of self- sabotage which is why I refer to council culture as

Collective sabotage because now it’s no longer on an individual level it’s individuals coming together saying they want a certain outcome but their behavior is in direct contradiction it’s amazing because I in what I do what do you think well in what I do I often highlight everything you just said

Especially on the left only only from my own experience of doing what I do when I go to a rally and I interview you know whether it’s often I’m I’m disliked by both sides so it’s the you know the you identify with either one I identify as

Somebody that just similar to the way you describe but many people would describe me however they want you need from exactly but I would go to a rally let’s say we’re in Australia we’ve had the far-left rallying against you know Neo-Nazi groups and then I’ll go there

And I’ll talk to the farle at purport to stand up for all those things but at the same time I rock up there as a Jew as a person of color myself and then I’m shouted down and attacked in the same way that you describe and then you go to

Obviously the other side who proudly say they don’t like me because of what I stand but I I don’t see the difference because the intolerance is the same absolutely something that people have to be very careful about and for me I had to be very careful in this when I sort

Of broke out of my own trance I realized that I could be very very easy to end up falling into another Echo chamber but the label is just a little bit different but it’s the exact same behavior and I always think about this in the context

Of people that proudly wear the title of being anti-woke I understand the mission I understand the purpose and I think a lot of people in that realm are actually doing very important work and starting important conversations but be very careful because you can end up becoming the very thing you claim to oppose

Because some people are anti- councel culture but they’re very quick to cancel someone if it happens to someone on the other side so I I think it’s really important to again just allow for yourself to zoom out a little bit and be like okay the way that I’m behaving

Right now is it working for me or against me am I willing to still be in Integrity even if it’s someone on the other side that’s experiencing this thing am I still being willing to stand in what is actually true so for me I always do that kind of introspection and

It just keeps me grounded final question how did you snap out of it and I know you mentioned George Floyd how did you snap out of it and how do we get I guess on either side more people to snap out of that and engage in conversation I enjoy talking

With people especially with opposing views as long as you can do it respectfully absolutely how do you get more people on board with whatever it is so snapping out of it I wish I could give you this one sort of magic answer but then come on you’ve got 30 seconds

To give us the magic answer it’s gradual okay that’s the magic answer it’s going to be very gradual but you have to pay attention do you feel uncomfortable when you hear a view that before you can even intellectualize it you feel it in your body your body rejects it before you’ve

Even wondered what it actually is lean into that practice leaning into that discomfort being like wait why do why do I actually disagree with that do I disagree with it because I’ve been told that it’s the wrong thing to think or is it because I’ve actually looked

Into whatever the thing is I know what my position is and I know that it just doesn’t make any rational sense be curious you know and I think when you lean into that discomfort more and more you will naturally come to a place of some kind of just an invitation to sort

Of step into something different and the word invitation can make it sound like it’s an easeful process but usually it’s cognitive dissonance like a discomfort where you realize actually wait this thing that I had been buying into for maybe 5 10 years is not actually true lean into

That that’s exactly what I needed to do so many thinkers that I had rejected in the past people like Jordan Peterson I was like wait I’ve never actually engaged with his work I was just told that I need to hate him because of XY Z

I saw a two-minute clip and I made a very strong decision about his character who he was but he has an entire archive that I’ve never looked into so for me it was very gradual until the moment where I felt comfortable enough to actually start to express that I’ve I’ve changed

My mind so it’s going to be a very gradual slow and sexy process and I think that’s good I guess the question is how do we encourage others how does the viewer watch is going I’m with you I’ve gone through the process or you know I already started there in the

Middle but I notice my friends my family that are caught up in listening being told what to think about for examp example Jordan Peterson not knowing why they hate him just ha how do you encourage others how are you able to do that do you have any insight into that

You know what I think I really mean it when I say people want the magic answer people want me to tell them that it’s simple you just do this one thing talk to your friends send them this link that is not going to work you know why

Because when people are so embedded in their beliefs and they believe that it’s true you can’t change their mind through forcefulness a lot of the time it’s you actually embodying in Integrity you embodying a sense of freedom and personal conviction that makes people think hold on there’s something there it it’s not

Going to happen in a forceful way and maybe you start conversations through curiosity not trying to change people’s minds that’s not going to work and I I’m not saying that in some kind of abstract way even in terms of psychology you’re not going to change someone’s Mind

Through Force someone needs to feel that they’ve changed their mind because they want to and you can do that in conversation through curiosity affirming some of the beliefs that another person has and then allowing for yours to come through just a little but it takes time it’s not going to magically happen and

Sometimes people need to reach the end of their own tether and their own ideological possession before they snap out of it so I think there’s an element of control that we all have to relinquish focus on yourself and embodying your own integrity first and foremost and there will be a spill over

It won’t feel immediate and big and Grand but something starts to change bit by bit and also your Friendship Circle might have to change some relationships might have to change you will because you’re changing things in your life will naturally have to alter as well but I

Think we need to let go of this idea of how do I change their minds change yours first and trust yourself first if you think it’s important for to hear their leaders being challenged in a way that they never will be in the mainstream media make sure to like

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Avi Yemini catches up with reformed left-wing activist Africa Brooke on leaving the ‘cult of wokeness’ at the ARC conference in London.


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  1. We need more people like Africa who aren't afraid to admit that they might be wrong and explore the "other" side. Glad to see her spreading this message and being so candid.

  2. You're gonna start seeing this a lot now People you're gonna start seeing celebrities & people disassociate themselves from the liberals. It looks like liberals have gone out of fashion 🤣

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