Vivian Silver, Canadian-Israeli killed by Hamas, remembered for seeking peace



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[Applause] just 3 days before the October 7th attacks Vivian silver was at an event in the West Bank held by a group she helped found but a lifetime spent in the pursuit of Peace was ended by the violence she was trying to prevent it’s absurd it’s

Absurd that she was taken and over she she was murdered yel Brad worked for years alongside silver at women wage peace the morning of the attacks as Hamas gunman entered kabut ber silver was hiding in her home but with her phone now this is another kabut but it’s

Exactly what was going on in ber while it was happening silver was updating friends including browde silver could hear gunfire and at some points people in her house she told us say it’s very scary but it’s okay and it’s helping me to be H with video you on

WhatsApp and and uh and she had a wonderful sense of humor so uh she also she was laughing a little bit about it the even in the middle of that yes now with gunman moving around the Kuts in between texts silver took a call from an Israeli radio station a host who knew

Her and knew how close she lived to Gaza just a few kilometers it appears to be her last conversation H she was sitting in her safe room she was she said she told us that she was sitting on the floor probably Hiding now there was hope after silver disappeared that she was still alive that like some of her neighbors in this video she was taken hostage but when investigators went through kibuts Berry and what was left in the burnt out homes they found something in Silver’s safe room not much

But enough to confirm it through DNA there is no body The Remains are burnt the ash it’s ashes what is left now are memories of a mother silver had two sons and a grandmother she had four grandchildren and a fifth on the way but for her friends she has also left inspiration

In that radio interview even with bullets and Rockets ringing out she told the host she still wanted to talk about peace it’s time it’s time she said and then she told the host they’d talk about it again when everything was over Mike Armstrong Global News Tel Aviv

The family of a Canadian-Israeli peace activist is beginning to mourn, after she was confirmed dead in the surprise attack by Hamas militants on Israel last month.

Vivian Silver’s family and friends had initially believed she was among the more than 200 people taken hostage on Oct. 7.

Mike Armstrong spoke with one woman close to Silver about how she was focused on peace, even in her final moments.

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  1. She wanted peace for the Palestinians , so obviously we all know who wanted to get rid of her & they did it backed by uncle USA … May your soul rest in peace.

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