Toronto food banks at “breaking point” amid rising costs, report finds


Bridget Martin is a volunteer but also a client of the North York Harvest Food Bank 15 years ago she was injured on the job her benefits were eventually cut off and food banks saved her my income was not enough my rent was far too high and still with the food bank and still

Without the food bank I could not have done not have survived that time what’s different today is the magnitude of the need more than $10 million where the food will likely go through this facility alone this year Toronto has seen a 51% increase in food bank visits the highest ever more than 2

A5 million visits so far this year and that number is expected to exceed 3 million visits by the end of 2023 another difference many food bank clients today have jobs but earn too little to keep up with the rising cost of food and housing it’s unacceptable

That one in four Food Bank clients spend 100% of their income on housing leaving nothing nothing for food clothing or Transportation all levels of government have to do more starting with the federal government and the Canada disability benefit 35% of all food bank users have a disability the food bank

Wants to see long awaited federal disability benefits actually delivered by 2025 it wants the province’s plan to build 1.5 million new homes to include 300,000 affordable units and it wants City Hall’s plan to reduce poverty to have funding attached there is plenty of failure um from our institutions from

Our leaders as I said at all levels and across the ideological Spectrum um that has driven us to uh where we are today we want to belong somewhere we don’t want to be discarded and say for Bridget Martin and so many more long-term Solutions include incomes that keep up

With the cost of living but the immediate fix for many comes down to food banks which need support from governments private sector and public donations more than every before Eric senson Global News Toronto

A new report released Tuesday reveals that one in ten people in Toronto are relying on food banks amid the rising cost of living – more than twice as many people than in 2022.

The annual “Who’s Hungry” report was released published by the Daily Food Bank and Harvest Food Bank.

As Eric Sorensen explains, food bank operators say they’re at their breaking point.

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  1. not sure why this is surprising. as long as trudeau is in power, he is going to let 1million immigrants and 900,000 students into canada annually. everyone that comes here wants free food

  2. Bank of Canada with its biased monetary policies is directly to be blamed for the current country's crises.
    – Constant Dollar Devaluation
    – Constant Rate Cuts
    – Constant Quantitative Easing (Insanely Printing Money)
    – Constantly Creating Inflation
    – Constantly Misleading the Canadian Public by falsifying the facts and promising a better future
    – Constantly Protecting the Interests of the 2% Superrich and ignoring the 98% Poor Population
    – Constantly Wiping out the Middle Class
    – Constantly Creating Poverty, Hunger, Misery, Inequality, Injustice, Homelessness, etc
    – Created Record Level of Household Debt
    – Created Recored Level Asset Bubbles
    – Constantly Caused the Decline of Standard of Living
    – and…..

    Bank of Canada has caused Deep Pain & suffering among Canadians.

  3. If we only had 9.5 billion dollars, oh wait trudolf and herr freeland along send it to Ukraine ffs , yeah Canada is broke and thus goofs politicians are stealing our money, if they want to help their ukranian buddies let them send their own money

  4. It's year 2023 why can't guveent feed people 100% for free as money transfare but somehow community services and all around maintance in rotation leaving none out 100% of doing something fo community everywhere and well lots of possibilities in even branching out as a vacation type moment in farming or any food connection towards shelf in the store to place food but overall a newer type of rotation of being part of food chain cause all need and we all should know how it comes to us and we could come together on a whole new level of awareness. Gist of it all and what do you think, anyone?

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  6. name the time that the media reported that there was not a "breaking point" type of problem at the food banks? Like our medical system, they complain it's over extended, but never offer any true solutions…

    Media is our enemy and the government is their friend.

  7. Food banks are NOT a place to get free groceries to save a buck. They are there for people who would literally starve or have to pick through garbage otherwise. If you are using a food bank to save a bit of money a month, STOP!!!

  8. A solution could be to grow a lot more fresh food near where we live using modern farming techniques and permaculture principles (aquaponics), with by donation places to eat open 24/7, and cardio exercise centres where people can generate electricity and health data which could be used as a commodity to lower cost of living and raise quality of life. Ensuring a basic standard of living doesn't need to cost more in taxes and will give us a great advantage.

  9. I'm just surprised Trudeau hasn't found a way to tax food bank donations? Imagine all the damage to the climate and carbon footprint of all these people coming and going just because they can't afford to eat. Tax them and save the planet. That's the Trudeau moto!

  10. This is what you get with a Liberal party in charge
    and when all your money goes to the Ukraine
    Imagine we spent 3 BN this year alone on the Ukraine
    and committed another 8 Bn to them
    Think if we had that money actually spent on our taxpaying citizens


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