The CEO of Canada Pension Plan encourages Albertans to stick with CPP for retirement savings

Albertans should stick with Canada Pension Plan, says its CEO


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“Albertans’ Inclusion in the CPP: A Look at the Benefits and Challenges”

John Graham, chief executive at the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, made a compelling case for why Albertans should continue to be part of the Canada Pension Plan, emphasizing the protection it offers in an unpredictable global economy. As the debate over Alberta’s involvement in the CPP continues to gain traction, Graham emphasized the importance of staying connected to the plan to safeguard the interests of millions of Albertans.

Benefits of Staying in the CPP

Speaking at the Canadian Chamber of Commerce’s Annual General Meeting and Convention in Ottawa, Graham highlighted the energy transition as a “generational investment opportunity.” The CPPIB aims to expand its portfolio in both conventional and renewable energy, positioning Alberta to benefit from this strategic move. Graham also stressed the stability and non-partisanship of the CPP as a safe pension plan that delivers on its purpose for millions of Albertans.

The Case for an Alberta Pension Plan

Before her tenure as the Premier of Alberta, Danielle Smith advocated for an Alberta Pension Plan (APP) to support the oil and gas sector, citing concerns that Alberta was being penalized by “the big banks and big pension funds.” However, the proposal has been met with skepticism and critique from various fronts, including the CPP, the federal government, and political leaders.

The CPP’s Role in Alberta’s Energy Sector

Despite criticisms, the CPP’s investments in Alberta’s oil and gas industry and global energy, along with its commitment to a net-zero emissions goal by 2050, highlight its active participation in supporting Alberta’s energy sector. Rather than divesting from carbon-intensive industries, the CPPIB seeks to invest in initiatives to reduce their carbon footprint, presenting a long-term investment opportunity in the region.

The Uncertainties of an Alberta Pension Plan

While the discussion around an Alberta Pension Plan is important, questions about its feasibility, potential challenges in attracting labor, and generating similar returns to the CPP arise. Calgary Chamber president Deb Yedlin raised concerns about the impact of an APP on the province’s ability to attract foreign investment, emphasizing the need to maintain unity within the country.


The debate around Alberta’s participation in the Canada Pension Plan reflects the complexities of balancing regional interests with national economic stability. While the call for an Alberta Pension Plan to empower the province’s economic prospects is valid, the potential repercussions on the broader Canadian economy and its impact on foreign investment cannot be overlooked. As this discussion continues, it is crucial to consider the perspectives of all stakeholders and the long-term implications of the decisions made. The decision to stay or exit the CPP must be scrutinized not only from a regional but also from a national perspective. Ultimately, the outcome should be one that serves the best interests of the people of Alberta, while contributing to the economic prosperity and stability of the entire nation.


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